Double Coconut Smoked Salmon for Breakfast



I love salmon. I mean, I really love salmon. It’s one of my favorite meats, perhaps bested only by bacon. I’m not sure, I haven’t actually done the line up of my favorite meats yet, but salmon is definitely up there. So, salmon for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is definitely acceptable. However, there are some ways of preparing salmon which just don’t lend themselves well to a breakfast, and from a practicality perspective, they’re not ideal for most home made lunches either. Like a coconut dill broiled salmon (I’ll get a recipe for this up later). Or a sweet dill baked salmon. It’s not that it wouldn’t be good. It would be great! It’s just that I really don’t want to wait through preparation and cook time for something like that in the morning; where an evening meal is far more ideally suited for longer prep and cook times.

So today, a nice simple dish with quick prep and cook times, I put together a double coconut smoked salmon breakfast. In fact, it could even be called a triple-coconut meal, but I think that’s a bit of overkill in the naming, and the coconut oil is a mostly silent partner here. Here’s how I did it. In one fry pan, I put the mushrooms and celery you see in the picture, and sauteed them lightly in coconut oil with thyme and rosemary. First heat them up on high until they’re sizzling, then reduce to low heat and add a lid, and let it take it’s time. These need to be stirred regularly while they heat up, but they can be mostly ignored once you reduce the heat.¬†While that was cooking, I chopped up 4 ounces of smoked salmon (finely chopped) and added it to some toasted coconut chips. In a second pan, I heated up some coconut butter (about 2 tablespoons) until it was liquid, then added it to the salmon mix and mixed thoroughly and quickly. That’s how I got that homogeneous look in the picture above. Then put the celery and mushrooms on a plate, and serve the salmon over the top.

The flavor of the rosemary and thyme cooks in to the mushrooms, while the celery adds it’s own flavor to the mix. Together, they nicely compliment the smokey flavor of the salmon and toasted coconut chips, while the coconut chips add a sweetness to the dish which is surprising and delightful. All together, it’s a great breakfast dish! You could eat this just as well for a lunch, or a mid day snack, though for practical reasons it may have to be prepared ahead of time.

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  • Barbra & Jack Donachy

    Fish for breakfast rocks! As for bacon… We’re in! But lately, we’ve been having a piece of smoked salmon in places where we’d normally have bacon. With waffles, a little bit a maple syrup gets on the smoked salmon…

    • urbanpaleochef

      Yeah I’ve come to treat salmon as basically interchangeable with bacon. I have both plenty, and fortunately they’re different enough that I can crave one or the other at any given time. That said: there are definitely times when salmon just wouldn’t work… See my Bacon Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe for an example.