Hot And Cold Salad – Take Two

Hot and Cold Salad

Certainly I was not the first person to invent the Hot And Cold Salad. I know there have been times when someone decided to put some just-heated spaghetti sauce on top of some kale and make a quick lunch out of it. In fact, I’m fairly certain I do that regularly! But goodness, this is one of my favorite rediscoveries of late, and has become as much a “Winter Comfort Food” staple as I indicated it would in my recent Hot And Cold Salad post.

Well, today’s lunch was no exception. It came out amazing, and probably tasted even better than it looks in the above picture! Let me tell you what I did.

As you can clearly see, there is bacon. I cooked that as I normally do, on medium low heat, covered, so that it would cook completely without losing it’s chewiness (I love chewy bacon!). As the bacon was cooking in a separate pan I started to heat up some yellow squash (very similar to zucchini), chopped carrots, and mushrooms in olive oil. I kept the heat low in the pan because olive oil has a fairly low oxidation temperature (why I usually use coconut oil). I added some spices once the pan was hot and stirred it regularly to give even heat to the vegetables in the pan.

While that was cooking, I chopped some “baby greens” which in this case was spinach and kale, both harvested young and still nicely soft. Then I combined all the ingredients with just a little extra unheated olive oil, mixed thoroughly, and served. And I loved it! What a great way to make a salad in to a winter comfort food!

So that’s it. Quick post today. I really want to hear what you’re all doing with your Hot and Cold Salads in the comments section!

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    • urbanpaleochef

      Great question! I do a little bit of both. When there are easy sources of farm-raised local bacon, I buy those with prejudice! I don’t have the storage capacity in my small NYC area apartment to buy bulk and store through non-production periods. So when the local farms are not in the production seasons, I buy commercial. Even then, though, I am very careful about where I buy my bacon, who makes it, where they raise their pigs and how, and what they feed them. Most of that information is available on the websites for the commercial farms that sell year-round, and I utilize my cellphone a lot for this kind of research!

      If you look on my “Bacon Project” page, I evaluate and post my thoughts on the commercial bacon that I buy. The idea of my “Bacon Project” is still in it’s infancy, so feel free to post comments and suggestions on those posts too – you may help me design my posts and the information I share in the future!

    • urbanpaleochef

      I love roasted pumpkin! It might be a bit of work to scroll that far back, but I used roasted pumpkin puree in a few salads around Thanksgiving, and I love the flavor and texture that it adds! It was kind of a “Thanksgiving Salad” so to speak, taking advantage of the flavors of the season.

      Great comment, and thanks!

  • Forrest Beck

    I love this variation on a hot and cold salad. An old favorite of mine is from a restaurant where we used to live. They added a bit of potato which gave it a great, comforting texture in the winters.