Start Your Week Off Right!

Start your week off right! Starting Line photo

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I just got back from a workout. It was a great run – I jumped up on park benches, and danced across stone walls. I did pushups and situps in totally random places, and stopped to do squats against a tree. I was playing, and I played for more than 5 miles! It was the kind of glorious run that reminds me that, even in my adult body, wearing my adult uniform to go to work, I still have plenty of child left inside of me, and I can definitely still be exhilarated by a run. I certainly was!

But that’s not all! I came home to an Herb Crusted Chicken; which my oven was kind enough to follow my directions and bake for me while I was out playing. And now I’m writing about it. I’m sharing with all of you how it is that I start my week off right. And I know that my momentum will carry me through this week, and maybe next. And it didn’t take much; just the choice to start my week off right!

So, how do you start your week off right? What do you need to do today to make sure that the rest of this week is just exactly what you had in mind? Is it a little extra cooking today, so that some meals are quicker and easier, and you’ll be less likely to eat some junk? Is it some planning, some mental preparation, to make sure that you bring your workout clothes with you to work?

Whatever it is, share it here with me in the comments – I want to hear your stories; I want to hear what you’re going to be doing to make sure that this week is just right for you!

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