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Chocolate Bars


Ever walk in to a CVS or Walgreens with a serious chocolate craving? Ever stop in your tracks when you see that nearly half the store is stocked with candy items, designed and intended to encourage just exactly that craving? Well, I certainly have! Wandering through isle after isle, sometimes even store after store, looking for some chocolate without soy in it can be an incredibly daunting task! Now, I can’t exactly recommend giving up, because high quality, unadulterated dark chocolate is far too good a prize to walk away empty handed – or worse: with some non-Paleo chocolate…

I took far too many photos of displays of CVS, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods to be able to display them here in one post. But there is some good stuff, so I uploaded them to Picasa so that you can take a peak at what I had to sift through (and you will too) in order to find a decent bar of chocolate!

Take a look here for more photos

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate contains lots of healthy fats. This is one of the biggest reasons that chocolate is so good for satisfying cravings, because fat is satisfying! Well, cocoa is loaded with high quality fats, and dark chocolate, with less additives in it, contain a good amount of those same fats, making it an extraordinarily satisfying snack. And unlike some freshly cooked bone-in short ribs, chocolate is a lot easier to carry!

Mark Sisson has a lot more to say about the benefits of Dark Chocolate, and I urge you to head over to this post of his and take a good look at it. It’s loaded with facts about the benefits of chocolate, and apparently, chocolate is loaded with benefits!

But the most important point to this article is that I get chocolate cravings, and I really want to pass on to you all the particular chocolate bars that I’ve found to help me with that!

Chocolate_Bars-CVS_Display2So, Which Chocolate Bars Are Paleo?

It’s unfortunate, but in the giant volume of space solely dedicated to sugar products, I was able to find only one single bar of chocolate which is Paleo – no soy, no wheat, no extra additives, just a simple dark chocolate bar. And we’re talking about a space larger than my own apartment, dedicated to encouraging people to have cravings! Of course, logically manufacturers and stores wouldn’t want those cravings satisfied; so they fill that space with things that will entice further craving.

But if you dig deep enough, there are some hidden gems! The one, and only normally available anywhere bar of chocolate which is soy free is the 85% Lindt Chocolate Bar. This is so important to my cravings that I am going to dedicate a full-size mid-post picture to it.


Chocolate_Bars-Lindt_85-Paleo_IngredientsThat bar is Paleo. Take a quick look at the ingredients listed to the right here. Not only is it Paleo, the ingredients are simple, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. This is a quality chocolate bar.

But don’t be fooled in to thinking that every Lindt is Paleo. Nor, even that every Lindt “Dark” is Paleo. In fact, as I discovered (and shared in the link at the top of this post) not even every 85% chocolate is soy free! I uncovered a great looking Godiva 85% dark with soy in it. Doesn’t look so great now!

Ok, so Lindt 85% is Paleo. Is anything else?

Yes! But not in this CVS. In addition to Lindt 85%, some stores sell Green & Black’s 85%, which also has no soy in it, and is also delicious dark chocolate!

If you have access to some specialty grocers or food stores, like Trader Joe’s Market or Whole Foods Market, there are a few available bars of good Paleo chocolate there too. Not as many as I would like, and they’re even more difficult to find! But they’re there. Below I have the two bars I look out for at either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Chocolate_Bars-TJs_DarkChocolate_70-PaleoTrader Joe’s “dark chocolate” brand of organic dark chocolate. There are three varieties of this particular brand, and all three are soy free! There is a pink wrapper, called a “Truffle” chocolate bar. This blue wrapper with raisins and pecans is my personal favorite of the three. And then there is a purple wrapper called “Dark”, and it’s a 70% chocolate bar. All three of these are delicious and nutritious!

Chocolate_Bars-WFs_Theo_70-PaleoWhole Foods Market carries a brand called “Theo” which has several varieties of chocolate on the Whole Foods shelves. I like this brand a lot because I haven’t found a bar from them with soy in it yet! That doesn’t mean there isn’t one, so always be sure to check the labels; but so far so good!

The two that I most often buy are their Sea Salt Dark, shown in this picture, and their Spicy Chile Dark. Take a quick look at their online catalog for an idea of which bars you’ll be looking for. They have a great selection. My personal favorite is the Spicy Chile, I love the extra bite!

Not to be overlooked: a Paleo-friendly restaurant nearby?


On 14th street, New York City, there is a restaurant called “Hu Kitchen” which serves almost entirely Paleo foods. There are a few dishes with wild rice and quinoa, so they’re easy to avoid. I have mentioned them before (Going Out For Dinner Tonight, and 10 Reasons I love Paleo Holidays), but they are definitely appropriate to this conversation! If there is a Paleo restaurant nearby, scour their shelves for Chocolate! Hu Kitchen has 2 different Paleo Chocolate Bars, and they are amazing! Take a look at this picture on the right. Doesn’t it speak volumes that they’re so confident of their product that they put the ingredients on the front of the package? No need to hide that on the back! Cocoa, coconut sugar, almonds and figs. All organic. And that’s it.

So there you have it – my 5 go-to Chocolate bars. Lindt 85%, Green&Black’s 85%, Trader Joe’s “dark chocolate”, Theo, and the Hu Kitchen chocolate. I round out that list with anything I happen to stumble across, but so far non-soy chocolate bars are rare enough that it doesn’t happen often, and they aren’t always stocked. But the above list definitely keeps me going!

Let me know which chocolate bars you’ve found that are great, Paleo dark chocolate!

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