How Would UPC Do It?

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Ironically, in the link above, the author cancels “Everyday with Rachel Ray”… I can’t say I disapprove of that decision.

So, I’ve been lacking inspiration lately.

I know, I know. It happens to everyone! And the funny thing is: my blog topic is probably the one thing that I love to do the most! So, what gives? How could I possibly run out of inspiration? Is it true? Does too much of a good thing eventually lead to some various version of over-consumption? No. That’s definitely not it. It’s more like: less-than-positive comments in some of the social media platforms that I use to bring traffic have been disheartening.

I suppose it was to be expected, right? No one is loved by all; and Paleo is absolutely still controversial. Even though I don’t actually talk all that much about it, it’s in my name, my style, and all of my food is Paleo Approved… I was bound to draw some negative comments, right? Well, whether it was destined to come or not, it did. And it was no fun.

So to you, my readers, I have revamped my inspiration!!

I discussed my relative “lack of inspiration” with my wife. Fortunately, she came riding in on her white horse, like any life-partner should, and saved the day! My wife suggested that I take some of the food magazines that I read, and do a “How Would UPC Do It?” post taking the cover recipe for each magazine, and “Paleosizing” it; or, redoing the recipe Paleo style. She was most excited for me to get to work on a recent issue of Gourmet magazine, where they did a mac-n-cheese recipe.


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So, consider me inspired! How do I make a meal which elicits a similar sensory experience (visual, smell, taste) without re-using a single one of the ingredients, nor even “paleo replacements”? That’s a challenge!!! And with that challenge, I will get to work immediately – sharing my attempts along the way, and my final success. And, yes, I am precluding success. Because I will not stop until I succeed!!!

As an aside: I am in the process of figuring out how to do a Video Blog, since my recently posed question was answered with unanimous approval! It’s not quite as simple as shooting a few seconds of footage with my cellphone, and hitting the “upload” button on the screen, unfortunately. But I will have it figured out sooner or later. And perhaps it will be in-time for the final version of the Gourmet Mac-n-Cheese re-done Paleo meal!

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