What do Macklemore and Paleo Have in Common?

Today’s Guest Post is brought to us by Dr. Forrest Beck.

Dr. Forrest Beck is a naturopathic doctor, author, and entrepreneur traveling full-time with his wife, Nicole, and son, Paden, in their motorhome.  His new book Cultivating the Fine Art of Selfishness: Improving Community by Empowering Individuals is now out in bookstores; learn more and download free resources at http://www.artofselfishness.com.  Follow him on G+ at https://plus.google.com/101584348034052359856/.


What do Macklemore and Paleo Have in Common?

“Hey Macklemore, want to go thrift shopping?”

A few days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to identify the author of that line if my life depended on it. Now, I can’t get it out of my head! It’s kind of a funny, yet wonderful thing when we discover a new artist. I had no idea who Macklemore was despite living near Seattle, his stomping grounds, for more than eight years.

However, since becoming familiar with some of his better-known songs, I’ve developed an almost immediate love of his music. And we all know what new love is like – that mix of buzzing electricity, heightened senses, and glow that lights up when we come in to contact with it. The Paleo equivalent is probably… Bacon!

But, am I off my rocker? What does any of this have to do with Paleo really?

If you bear with me, I hope to show you just what made me think of the two; but first, let’s get back to the food.

How we eat is an outer expression of our inner selves. And as humans, we have the ability to choose from a wide number of foods. This can sometimes pose problems for many of us, but for the most part, it’s a huge, lovely adaptation that has allowed us to spread out across the planet.

As our beloved UPC (UrbanPaleoChef) pointed out to me in preparing this missive, animals that survive and thrive on only one type of food are generally at a great disadvantage. It doesn’t mean they still won’t outlive us, but it does mean they have fewer options. Think of the cute, cuddly panda that needs bamboo or the equally cuddly koala that needs eucalyptus leaves.

Without getting in to the politics of famines and populations who don’t even have a choice of nutritious foods, I want to discuss those of us who do have such options. If you have the finances to eat well, but you don’t care one iota what goes into your mouth, be it Ramen noodles or a Big Mac; that is self-expression. Similarly, if you go to great lengths to track down health-giving foods and prepare your own meals, you too are saying something.

There is a growing movement that has been taking hold whether in travel, food, music, or education, to redefine just what is an experience. We are no longer as satisfied and fulfilled traveling to six countries and twenty-four museums in Europe in one week. We no longer want to sit down as a family in front of the television to inhale our meals. We no longer want to turn on the radio and listen to whatever someone decides to play interspersed with updates on horrible news events. And we especially no longer want to go through school to obtain yet another degree we don’t know how we will use or how we will pay off.

In the simplest of terms, we want to savor life. And by increasing our mindfulness as we go through life our filter begins to change. Therefore, the music that pulls us out of our daily grind and plunks us down into the most vivid, raw, and life-like surroundings is going to win our hearts over every time. Isn’t that what Paleo foods do for you? These nutrient-dense dynamos transport us and transform us if we give them that opportunity. They help nudge us toward more mindfulness.

But, perhaps you don’t want that sort of commitment. You just want to zone out eating whatever, doing whatever. After all, it is human nature to want to unplug once in a while; no harm, no foul. But, the devil is in the details and in this case, the frequency in which you unplug.

Fortunately, however, there is a trend that has grown to encompass individuals in many nations who are leading by example. These folks are choosing foods that have been around for thousands of years, little changed. They are sitting down with families, taking part in conversations that shape morals and instill values, which brings me back to Macklemore.

If you have listened to Wing$, Same Love, or My Oh My you know that Macklemore gives you a similar experience as Paleo foods. And whether you agree or disagree with what he is saying, there’s no room for inauthentic musings – fake meats need not apply.

It is my belief, that if you strive for a little more Macklemore in your life, a little more truth telling, more flavor, and more heart, you’ll lead a more enriched life.

Let me take you on a short journey through Macklemore’s Wing$, as an example. There’s nothing like the music to take you there, but imagine the unforgiving and judgmental world that children often live in.

A child wanting to fit in at school, talks his parents in to spending an inordinate amount of money buying a new pair of sneaks that are just like the pros. Only the problem is that this purchase in fact begins and perpetuates a vicious cycle of kids accepting or rejecting one another based on what shoes they wear, according to Macklemore.

“On the court I wasn’t the best, but my kicks were like the pro’s
Yo, I stick out my tongue so everyone could see that logo

Can’t you see it – the conspicuous Jordan sign meant to impress everyone around? And this is the clincher for me:

“Look at me, look at me, I’m a cool kid 
I’m an individual, yea, but I’m part of a movement”

Well, it turns out that the movement in Macklemore’s song comes back to bite him in the you know what.

But, this is your chance to be part of another type of movement – one in which life is lived more purposefully and fully. And the good news is you are in control to actually initiate not a vicious cycle, but one of giving and growing and nurturing. Can Paleo foods do all that? You bet. But, the kicker is you have to want it. You have to want that awareness in your life that lifts the veil of nutritional deception, and leads to what Paleo has to offer.

Who knows? Maybe before long you’ll be sitting back in your cool kicks munching on some Kale chips and smoked salmon, all to the beat of Macklemore. Stranger things have happened. Why not let Paleo foods begin nourishing you and your loved ones right now, creating context for conversation, strengthening bonds that nurture relationships, and living a life more intentionally?

Just do that.

Forrest Beck is an author and naturopathic doctor. To learn more about his work and writings, visit www.artofselfishness.com. You can also find him on GooglePlus.

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