Newest UPC Guest Post Is Up – Apple Pie Chicken Post Workout Meal


Hi all, sorry I haven’t had much time to post over the past 5 days – I’ve missed you all!! But fear not, I have filled my time to the brim with exciting, interesting stuff, and I will be telling you ALL about it! I’m working on a summary post of the highlights of my trip north to ski the East Coast Storm all weekend, including the food, discussion, and family time that I had! Hopefully I will have it done in time for tomorrow, but there’s a lot of material to cover, so cutting the story down to a reasonable reading space is proving challenging. And I am up to the challenge!

Check out my latest Guest-Post on!!

So the most exciting thing of all that has happened over the past few days was that my latest work of art has shown up on! It’s a post workout meal, reminiscent of My Beef Post Workout Meal in December which was amazing, and an idea I’ve been thoroughly enjoying since I did it the first time! This one is a meal modeled in the same way, but built around chicken, and using the flavors of My Apple-Pie Beef Short Ribs recipe. It came out amazing!

You know what to do! Head on over there and leave a mark – let Carl know you were there! Leave indelible evidence of your passing! And ask me any questions or add any comments that you have – I will be checking and responding to comments there!

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