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Leave a Reply Buying Valium Costa Rica

8 thoughts on “Vermont Smoke And Cure Bacon – Another Bacon Project Post!

  • Can You Buy Valium In Kuala Lumpur Order Valium Online Legal

    Hello – Thank you for the review!
    To answer a couple of the questions and comments –
    I agree the “uncured” is inaccurate – but the folks at the USDA out-thunk themselves a while back and it is required language for any product that typically is cured, but which lacks sodium nitrite. So although celery juice and sea salt do cure this bacon, we’re required to call it “uncured” (right down to the relative font sizes!)
    On our web site it explains that the pork for our uncured bacon and ham is all from DuBreton, a great outfit in Canada working with many family farms in their region.
    Thanks again for reviewing our bacon and for helping spread the word about healthy balanced diets and great tasting food!
    Chris at Vermont Smoke and Cure

    • Buy Diazepam Canada Valium 10Mg Buy Uk

      Hi Chris – Thanks for writing in and clarifying some of the points in my article! I was astounded by the taste and quality of the bacon (as it says in my post) and would be delighted if you at Vermont Smoke And Cure would like to put together a guest article on the process that you and the team there go through to select and produce the high quality product that you’ve put together.
      If this is something you would like to consider, send me an email at Buy Genuine Diazepam Online. I would love to hear from you!