What’s For Breakfast? Slab Bacon and Eggs!


This Vermont Smoke And Cure slab bacon is so good I just can’t keep my paws off of it! There’s just something special about how this stuff is put together, and I can’t get enough! I had a slab of it sitting in the fridge since Tuesday night, and it’s been tantalizing me and my wife. But we’ve had a really busy week, and haven’t had the time to spend cooking it up. Until this morning… Somehow, the universe has conspired to force my hand. And thank the heavens for doing so!! Slab bacon for breakfast was probably even better than when we had the slab bacon for desert!

SlabBaconAndEggs2By now, you all know how I make my eggs. So I’ll just give you a real quick synopsis of how I made these eggs, and then move on to other business and some links I would like to share.

How I did these eggs:

These are celery and crimini mushroom eggs, cooked in the bacon grease of the slab bacon. Here’s how I did it: I started the slab bacon at just below medium (about 4 out of 10) and covered it to let it cook slowly and thoroughly. While it was quietly sizzling away I sliced up the celery and mushrooms, turning the bacon occasionally to give the slab even heat. As I finished with slicing the mushrooms and celery, there was enough bacon grease in the bacon pan to start cooking the celery and mushrooms for the eggs. So I poured off the bacon grease, comfortable in my knowledge that the slab bacon would produce all the grease I would be needing, and more. Cooking the celery and mushrooms, and then the scrambled eggs with the celery and mushrooms took all of 10 minutes, at most. So the eggs were finished before the slab bacon, but not too long before. And then breakfast was served!

The Links I Want to Share:

These are some posts that I encountered on marksdailyapple.com, a Paleo/Primal blog which I generally read everything he has to say (I commute for a significant length of time, so reading is something I do a lot of). This week, Mark has posted a couple of seriously great articles which I need to share with you.
The first article is a blog post Mark found on the Diet Heart Publishing blog, which puts the lie to the “Low Fat Heart-Healthy Diet” in an extraordinary way! It’s a long article, and worth every single second you spend reading it! I read it twice, just to make sure that I had fully digested the information on the post, and have shared it with everyone I speak with regularly. I think it should be absolutely foundational to anyone’s understanding of dietary guidance, regardless of your eventual consciously chosen diet.
The second article is a guest-post from a Poultry farmer about the Chicken available commercially.
It validates some of the gripes that I’ve been sharing with you all intermittently, as well as gives us quite a bit of further context on the subject so that we can be well informed in our buying choices. I highly recommend you read it!

  1. Illustrated History of Heart Disease 1825-2015
  2. What You Should Know About Poultry Production Claims


  • Which blogs do you read the most often?
  • Which ones most often have articles which you cannot help but share?
  • Have you had any recently?
  • Share them with us too!

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0 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast? Slab Bacon and Eggs!

  • dedy oktavianus pardede

    I usually not feeling guilty taking a fatty bacon for breakfast,
    but my lecture said we should watch over it too since fat it’s hard to digest and need more oxigen to breaking it into energy..
    tis could make u sleepy in daily activity…..

    • urbanpaleochef

      Thank you Dedy for writing this comment, I am so glad you asked!
      Trust me, this is not an issue at all! Once you stop eating all grains like rice, wheat, and barley, and stop eating all beans, your body stops asking you for carbohydrates as it’s primary source of energy. Instead, your body utilizes your fats, both your stored body fats, and your dietary fats, as your primary source of energy. So for a person who eats cereal for breakfast, bacon might be difficult for them to digest. But for a Paleo person like me, it’s quite energizing!

    • urbanpaleochef

      Hi Steve, yes, I’ve made my own bacon, and you’ve heard right. It’s quite inexpensive, and quite easy – and to top it all off, you never have to wonder what kinds of things were put in that you wouldn’t have put in yourself!

      I haven’t managed to do it in a photo-friendly way yet – it can be quite a mess! But one of these days I will manage to make some home-made bacon without ruining any chance of a good photo!

  • fatlossmental

    “So I poured off the bacon grease, comfortable in my knowledge that the slab bacon would produce all the grease I would be needing”… Such a wordsmith, is cooking similar to creating the image of it? Both art forms I think…

    • urbanpaleochef

      Thanks Jason – what an amazing compliment!
      I’ve heard people describe cooking as a science while baking is an art. I think they have it backwards… My wife and I settled down for a breakfast of Apple-Pie eggs yesterday, and they didn’t come out quite right. As we ate them, we both agreed that I was on to something, but I wasn’t quite there yet… To me, that’s what art is all about: you have to be creatively attentive at all times; then you’ll know when you’ve got it right! When I nail down the Apple-Pie eggs, I will be sharing them immediately!

    • urbanpaleochef

      Welcome to UPC Paul!
      Yeah, the slab bacon is just amazing! This is a brand that my wife and I are very happy with – if you have a Whole Foods nearby, I highly recommend this bacon! But don’t take too much – I don’t want them to be out when I stop in to buy some!!