What’s For Breakfast? Hot & Cold Salad – Scrambled Eggs


I don’t know what it is about eggs, but I’ve been on a huge kick with them over the past week or so. Maybe it’s the increased training I’ve been doing in pursuit of my training goals? If so, then it would make sense that my body would be asking for increased protein intake, to help the body repair muscle damage from my training. I’ve been having a great couple of weeks so far, and my training is feeling fantastic!
Maybe it’s a summer thing? I’m not sure… But I’ve been all-over eggs! And recently even that hasn’t been enough. I’ve started to supplement my breakfast eggs with some smoked salmon! I know, I know. I’m going back to the increased training. And the importance of such protein-rich food can be testified in this post in Prodiets, along with many more tips on shredding fat. See, running is no new thing to me, and even speed training shouldn’t increase my body’s protein needs so dramatically. But I’ve been doing more heavy things too; I’ve hit the gym at least once per week, which is a bit more often than I used to do. I’ve also been doing more push ups, sit ups, and pull ups than I used to do – 2-3 times per week now, where once per week was common for me previously. Anyway, my body has been celebrating my protein intake. And I’ve been giving it what it wants!

The Breakfast Hot & Cold Salad; What you’ll need:

  • The Hot:
  • 4 Eggs
  • Ham, chopped
  • Zuccini, chopped
  • Leeks, Sliced
  • Ginger, finely chopped
  • The Cold:
  • Leafy Greens (I used Arugula for this meal, but usually Spring Mix)
  • Cucumber, chopped
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Halves

First, add the chopped zucchini to a pan with some coconut oil and turn the heat on high, while you chop and add the other ingredients. As the pan heats up, and the zucchini, and whatever else you’ve added begins to sizzle, turn the heat down to medium, or about 5 out of 10 while you finish chopping and adding the remainder of the ingredients. I like this a lot with the ham – there’s something delicious about cooked ham in eggs. Perhaps it’s part of why bacon and eggs go so well together? A question for another time, perhaps…

Once the Hot portion is cooking, you can turn your attention to prepping the Cold portion of the salad. We’ve all made a salad before, but I’ve got a few hints and tricks on this one. I really like the extra flavor that a sun-dried tomato adds to a dish. And that flavor is only increased by heating them up a bit. The trick is this: keep the sun-dried tomatoes out of the salad until the end of your prep, so that you can have them closest to the hot portion of your meal. The flavor will be much better as the sun-dried tomato soaks in the heat from the hot portion of the salad!

With the Cold portion done, turn your attention back to the Hot portion. These vegetables (and the ham) should be ready for the eggs after no more than 5 minutes, or so, of cook time. If your prep of the Cold salad took that long or longer, you can stir it, and add the eggs immediately. I’ve mentioned my preference for mixing the eggs in the pan, but that’s just my style. If you prefer to mix the eggs ahead of time, that’s fine too. Mix the eggs in thoroughly, stirring the eggs constantly until they’re fully scrambled.


As I mentioned above, there is a trick to the order of the salad. Add the greens first, along with the cucumber. If you’re going to add other green ingredients, like avocado or green onions, add these at this point as well. The “Cold” portion of the salad should be well mixed, though you’re leaving out the sun-dried tomatoes for now. Next, add the eggs. Spread them across the top of the salad, like I have in my picture. I find that eating them this way is actually more enjoyable for me than fully mixing them before eating. Last, add the sun-dried tomatoes. These are technically a “Cold” portion of the salad. But as I have mentioned, these are best when they’re heated up slightly, and the best way to do that is by having them right on top of the steaming hot eggs!


  • What’s your favorite summer breakfast?
  • Is it a different breakfast than your winter breakfast?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your dietary urges recently? Like me needing more protein?
  • Why do you think your needs are changing? OR, if they’re not, why not?

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  • laurasmess

    This looks pretty delicious. Great protein! I seem to require carbs when I’m active though… eggs are great but I never quite feel satisfied (maybe it’s psychological?!). It’s winter over here at the moment and I’ve been craving hot oatmeal a lot. I always find that I prefer cereal-based breakfasts when I’m at home, though I do love eggs too. Default is oatmeal with almond milk, extra nuts, raisins and some chia seeds. Sometimes a spoonful of honey also. So good on a cold day! Glad your training regime is going well!