Workout and Diet

Day 24 of my 90-day challenge.

Today’s Workout

  • Morning Workout:
  • 2 mile
  • Total Mileage: 2 Mile
  • Weekly Total: 10 Mile

Today’s Diet:

  • Breakfast:
  • Bison and Chicken chunks cooked in Tomato Curry with roasted onions and green peppers.
  • Morning Snack:
  • 1 oz Baker’s Chocolate (100%)
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Mixed Salad Greens, Mushrooms, Grilled Chicken, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Bacon Bits, Olive Oil
  • Afternoon Snack:
  • 1 oz Baker’s Chocolate
  • Dinner:
  • Mixed greens with Ground Beef cooked in raisins and green olives, 3 Trader Joe’s Apple Sausages

Second Off Day of the week – This may turn out to be a “low”¬†week. My body is tired, asking for more rest. So I’ll give it rest.

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