Restaurant Review: Plan B Burger, Milford, Connecticut


It is delightful to see more and more restaurants start to offer Paleo-friendly food options! I’ve talked about how to “build your own” Paleo meals in a restaurant before. Perhaps one of these days I will actually sit down and write up a little “Paleo Restaurant Guide” for you all to print out and use. But in the mean time, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying going to some of the closer-to-Paleo restaurants, and trying their fare!

Plan B Burger:

Overall, this was a very nice experience. The decor was impressive, and clearly had been carefully considered. The ambiance of the place was very much what I would consider to be an upscale Bar & Grill style restaurant, and considering the bar itself took up nearly 25% of the available space in the restaurant, my guess is that the owners were looking for that feel as well.


The menu, like the decor, is very Bar & Grill. They have a lot of easy-to-make appetizers, with a focus on the Bar & Grill types of hot-sellers, like wings and sliders. While we were ordering, a waiter brought out a “Tower of Sliders” which was quite impressive – it was 3 sliders, stacked and pinned in a tower formation. Impressive, but definitely not Paleo. The most impressive part of the menu overall was this:

The Menu featured “Verified Humane” Meats.

I find this to be amazing, and definitely worthy of my business! I am not sure if they’re additionally verifying the meat themselves, or if they’re just taking a “Verified Humane” certification at it’s word. And either of those is fine with me, because just the fact that they’re cognizant of that, and working to bring it to the market is a step in the right direction!

There was a “Gluten Free” Menu. This is where Plan B Burger really started to stand out. I love that restaurants are really picking up on the Gluten Free culture which has been growing in strength. There are some restaurants out there which are almost entirely Gluten Free, while others are starting to build a “Gluten Free” menu, to cater to their Gluten Free guests. It’s fantastic! And Plan B Burger certainly deserves commendation!

Off the Gluten Free Menu, I ordered a burger called “The Squeeler” which is a half-pork, half-beef burger, shown in the pictures above and below. It is served with bacon, cheese, tomato, mustard and mayo. I ordered it without the cheese, mustard and mayo. There’s no sense in ordering an exciting Paleo meal, only to sully it with non-Paleo goo! Soy with your “Squeeler” anyone?? Didn’t think so.


The menu offered the option to order your burgers “In The Grass” which would result in the burger being served on a thick slice of lettuce. And, as you can see from the picture above, a “slice of lettuce” is exactly what they give you! They take a head of lettuce, and slice a chunk out of the middle, serving the burger on top of the slice. It’s excellent!

The cons:

It’s still a normal Bar & Grill, not a Paleo restaurant. And what that means is that you need to remember to speak with your waiter about what the burger will be cooked in. If you forget to ask for Butter or Olive Oil, it will be cooked in Pam, or some other Soy-based cooking spray. This is important! Make sure to request that your burger, or whatever foods you’re eating, are cooked in butter or olive oil!


This is an impressive restaurant. The decor, combined with the efforts that the kitchen and executive chef made in putting together a Gluten Free menu are impressive. Their “Verified Humane” meat is a huge plus! All told, as long as you remember to talk about your food allergies (yes, Paleo people, you simply have to use the word “Allergy” when dealing with wheat and soy in foods) you should come out the other side feeling satisfied, healthy, and energized by the fact that restaurants are starting work harder for higher quality foods!

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