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0 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch? Ham-Steak, Roasted Mushrooms and Maduros

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    Mmmm, ham steak! Yum. I’ve never tried plantains before but I’m super curious… do they taste anything like bananas? I always imagine them like some sort of underripe green banana in flavour. Oh, and re questions: I adore slow cooking meats. Preferably 6 hours or more. Makes dinner easy, delicious and fall-apart in terms of meaty goodness 🙂

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      They are definitely similar to bananas. When you cook them ripe, they’re called “Maduros” or Sweet Plantains and they’re sweeter than a cooked banana – though with a lower sugar content (I guess there’s more fiber?). When you cook them green, they’re called Plantains or Platanos, and they are very similar to a potato in consistency and usage, though the flavor is unique and quite difficult to describe.
      In usage: I use Maduros (same fruit, but ripe) all by themself, and prefer to bake them, as shown in the post all about Maduros! For green plantains: I use these for all sorts of meals! They’re great to put things in, like rice (look up my post on Paella Mofongo!!), or to put things on, like a potato. You can cook them in large pieces, so that they’ll look and behave like a baked potato, or you can mash them, or you can cook them in smaller pieces and use them for dipping or as a base for a particular sauce.