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UPC’s Cocoa Steak

I was paid a tremendous compliment yesterday in the comments section. And it got me thinking. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt; at least, not yet. The compliment was something along the lines of:
“You should totally start to sell your meals as a “Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping Lists” kind of thing, and I’ll be your first customer!”
Understandably, I was completely blown away! Obviously the comment is there on yesterday’s post, and you all are more than welcome to go read it in it’s entirety, but I think my paraphrase above is accurate enough for this discussion. This is one of the most incredible compliments I’ve been given – and to pay proper honor to a compliment of this magnitude, I need to take some serious time and think about the implications of the idea. There is the surface: obviously everyone wants to make more money. There’s really no question about that, right? But underneath that surface are some more important questions, and some issues.

The biggest issue is that my entire site is a blog setup, and there is no real setup here for pay services. There are some exceedingly easy and simple ways to deal with that, like writing my meal plans and shopping lists in e-book format, putting them up for sale somewhere, and linking them to a page here through an e-book sales site. In fact, I already have a linked e-book, where a few of my recipes were published in the Fat Burning Chef book (GREAT book, if you haven’t seen it yet). So it’s an easy issue to solve; but it takes time. And it seems to be time well spent, especially if I already have a customer ready! Then there are the other issues: generating content (I can, but have not done), deciding on pricing, setting up the whole sales-side of this idea.

And on to the questions which are not yet issues. The first is this: will my writing be impacted or changed by a sales opportunity? Clearly the answer is yes. Every experience changes us. So will I be better, or worse, for the experience? And would selling my material make me more in tune with what you, my readers, want? Or would it change my focus enough so that my content stopped being the content that you have grown to know and love? These are important questions. And hopefully you’ll all be willing to help me answer them in the Questions section at the end.


Cocoa Steak; What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb Grass-Fed Steak (I used a rib-eye; but any thicker cut will do)
  • 4 tablespoons Cocoa Nibs (preferably organic)
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon “Herbs De Provence” which is a french blend made up of: Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel, Basil, Savory, Lavender, and Marjoram
  • 1 large Organic Sweet Potato, quartered

Serves: 2
Cook and Prep time: 40 minutes

1. Put the steak in a large pan on high, covered. Cook until sizzling loudly.

2. As soon as the steak is sizzling loudly, turn the heat down to medium-low, flip the steak leaving the seared side up.

3. Thoroughly, but carefully, cover the seared side of the steak with the cocoa nibs. Try not to let any fall in to the pan; though don’t worry too much if they do.
Re-cover the pan and continue to let it cook covered.

3. After about 10 minutes of total cook time (including the searing at the beginning) add the coconut oil in the middle of the steak, and sprinkle the herbs de provence on to the steak.

4. Put the quartered potatoes around the steak in the pan and re-cover.

5. Carefully Move the steak a bit every 10 minutes, so that it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pan. This shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s better to be safe in this case.
Note: This is a good time to prepare your sides; a salad, or just some sliced vegetables will compliment this very well.

6. Cook on the same side, with the cocoa nibs undisturbed until serving. To the best of your ability, try to cut and serve the steak with the nibs still on the top. Serve and enjoy!


  • What are your thoughts on my intro, and the idea of me selling a “Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List”?
  • If I set it up, what meal/recipe/idea would make purchasing this from me truly “worth it” to you? What would your determining factors be that makes mine worth your money?
  • Have you ever purchased meal plans and shopping lists before? Have you used a free one? What were your thoughts on what it did well, and what it did poorly?
  • If I do this, I’ll need to make sure that it’s accessible, usable, and obvious. What kinds of updates to my site would you recommend for me to make these available and, ideally, utilized by you, my readers?

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4 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner? Cocoa Steak

  • 365daysofbacon

    first reaction: nooo, don’t do it! dont sell out on us!

    subsequent reactions: well, yep … others do it. your focus would likely have to change from passion-driven content to money-driven content. you have to do what’s right for you and your blogging goals. 🙂

    also… chocolate steak. think I’m in heeeeeavan.

    • urbanpaleochef

      I know, right! Who would have thought that chocolate and steak can mix? But they definitely do! Next stop: chocolate bacon steak!!
      Actually, now that it’s on the page, I will have to be trying it immediately! I mean, I might need to leave work and head home and cook some up right this very instant!!!

      As for selling out: there are a few Paleo writers who seem to have found the balance between meaningful passionate content and some sales. Nom Nom Paleo is the one that comes most sharply to mind. But if trying to keep my content similar to how it is now is the goal, it would likely be a challenge. On the other hand, the particular content-for-sale described is something that I should be able to whip up over the course of a month or so, publish them, and link-and-forget. Maybe. At least, that would be ideal.