It’s Award Day! WordPress Family Award


This is a fantastic new award, and I’m very impressed by the premise! I couldn’t be more pleased with the idea behind the WordPress Family Award, since I feel much the same feelings about the WordPress community as the creator of this award felt when he created it. Of course, my excitement with the award also carries with it another level of excitement that I was honored with it!

For the following 10 names, if you accept you’re planning on accepting your nomination: click here and follow the directions.

I was nominated by Adventures Of A Cavemom. I enjoy these blogger awards for a variety of reasons. It’s great to let the bloggers know that we enjoy their content. There are a variety of ways to do that: the “Like” button on the WordPress reader, as well as on the blog posts works well. Commenting works even better; particularly for smaller blogs. But the best reason is that it really tells the blogger that their content is valuable to someone. And in so doing, that blogger’s nominations gives me a chance to check out which blogs that blogger is most interested in. So any time I see an award on any of the Blogs that I frequent, I always go check out every one of the people that blogger has nominated, and the nominating blog. There are always exciting and interesting new blogs in the list, and I love finding those!
So, everyone reading this: go check out Adventures Of A Cavemom and each of the other blogs on this list, and make sure you add a few of them to your daily repertoire!

The following are the 10 blogs, in alphabetical order, which I nominate for the WordPress Family Award. A few of these are bigger blogs, and not eligible for some of the other blogger awards any longer. Further, since they’ve grown larger, they may not be willing/able to spare some content time to accepting an award. And that’s OK.

My 10 Nominations:

  1. 365 Days Of Bacon
  2. A Lot On Your Plate
  3. Hari’s Got Tales
  4. Health Without Sacrifice
  5. Jen Nova Food Blog
  6. Kate Stull
  7. Lara’s Mess
  8. Miles For Thought
  9. Morning Story And Dilbert
  10. Oh Snap Let’s Eat!

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