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14 thoughts on “Basil Bacon Caramelized Onion Stuffed Mushrooms

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    Stuffed Mushrooms!
    My late Grandpa loved making those on special occasions like Birthday and Chinese New Year.
    He used fragrant mushroom (black mushroom/ shitake), stuffed them with seasoned, minced shrimps and steamed them.
    I have never tried to cook it. It just felt a little to soon for me to cook one of specialties. (it is actually a traditional Cantonese dish but he was the one who cooked it in the family. That’s what I mean with “his specialty”) 😀

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        Ha ha ha
        I think I should try to bake them!
        I have never eaten the baked version. It has always been the steamed ones! 😀

        If you want to try it, it’s pretty simple.

        Mince the shrimp. Season it with sesame oil, finely chopped garlic, ginger, scallion, cilantro, salt and pepper and then stuff it into the black mushrooms.

        Steam it and serve it with sweet chili sauce.

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          Here’s how I would do it:
          Sear the shrimp in bacon grease, mince it.
          Boil rutabaga with coconut cream, mash it like a mashed potato.
          Dice the mushroom stems and quick-cook them with your spices.
          Combine shrimp, mushroom, and rutabaga with your spices.
          Stuff the Mushrooms and bake them.

          I’ve got to get me some of these black mushrooms – they sound great!

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            They are delicious!
            Try to find the fresh one. the dried ones are also okay but you have to soak them for a pretty long time.Not only to re-hydrate them but also to remove their ammonia-like smell. 😀

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            The Chinese people call it Xiang Gu (Fragrant Mushroom). The Japanese call it Shiitake.
            I think it is more popular with the name Black Mushroom because of its dark, velvety cap.

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            No kidding! We get Shiitake here, but they have no cup – they’re a flat-cap mushroom here. I could just pile some stuff onto the cap and serve it that way, but without the cup it’s hardly a “stuffed” mushroom… Maybe I’ll find something different at the Asian market – there are a few good ones nearby.

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            There are several sub-types of shiitake. Even in such a small town like the one I live in, there are 2 types (the black one and the floral one).
            I hope you find the bowl-like shiitake, or other mushrooms that will work! 😀

  • joannabanana21 Where Can I Buy Genuine Valium

    ohh these look great!! I’ve never made stuffed mushrooms. they always looked so complicated!! haha maybe i’m just a lazy cook. my birthday party is next week and I think these would be good for me and the non-paleo crowd. they always try my cooking and if it tastes as good as these look, then I think they will go pretty fast.

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      Welcome JoannaBanana! You’re in luck! This recipe is a bit time consuming, but super easy and every bit as good as it looks!
      Also – you can make 3 or 4 batches (or more if you have lots of guests), store them in the fridge (before baking them) and put a batch in the oven every 20 or 30 minutes or so to keep the food ready and restocked all night!

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        cool!! i had no clue what a rutabaga was. luckily my grocery store labels the veggies and i found this one. definitely not what i thought it looked like haha this will be good for appetizers but i will probably make a meal out of it. my family never makes paleo food for any party so i usually eat tons of what i end up making. the kitchen is way too busy for me to make some elaborate main dish.