Bienvenidos a Medellin!


My Emergency Travel To Medellin Colombia

So it’s been a few days since I have had a chance to reach out to you all. I’d love to say that I’ve been working on something super secret and time consuming that’s been swallowing all of my spare time, but that’s not quite the truth. Of course, all of my time has been swallowed by my travels, but while it was unexpected, it certainly is not a secret.
It’s only been a few days, but I’ve missed posting. I’ve missed your comments on the blog, the banter I have occasionally on Twitter, and that organic community that I’m now a part of which has gathered around good, clean food. Does that make me an addict? And if so, is it a bad thing? I mean, I just don’t like going so long without inventing a new recipe and sharing it… And it’s been several days now. I’m going in to recipe development withdrawal here!

So, I’m in Medellin Colombia. What in the world could get me here without planning ahead!? I’m here in Colombia with my wife and her family because of a sudden family illness. We literally packed up a week of our lives in hours, bought flights and jumped into a week+ trip to Colombia on a moments notice! It was definitely a surprise, and while I wish that it were under more happy circumstances, I’m certainly happy to have finally made it!

Hola Colombia!

I’ve been longing for a trip here for a very long time! Did any of you play that children’s geography game 20-30 years ago called “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”? That’s where I first started to want to travel, and Colombia has been on my list from the start. And now, I’m finally here!!


Panoramic view my first night

Enjoy my “Welcome to Medellin” view! 🙂

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