Good Morning Medellin! 5


Ok, I’ve been here for about 12 hours, and already I am just enchanted! What a stunning city Medellin is!
The trip has been an absolute whirlwind; but not quite so fast as to stop me from noticing a few things. Here is my lack-of-sleep addled brain’s recollection of the big stuff so far.

Medellin is a valley city, nestled into a wide river valley, with huge mountains on all sides. As I understand it, not many years ago Medellin was just in the valley, and the mountains on all sides were covered with forests and farm land. Now, though, the mountains are all mostly covered with buildings, neighborhoods, and the signs of a growing city. Obviously it pains me to see the city overtaking the forests. But it certainly is a beautiful sight!

My Tentative Plans

Ok, the trip was a surprise. But being surprised is no good reason to miss out on a good thing!
I have a new notebook which I will be using relentlessly to catalog my time and experiences here. This is mostly because I will definitely be coming back. And perhaps regularly.
Posting is a challenge, since I don’t have my beloved home setup with my computer, photo editing software, recipe application, and all of the tools that I regularly use to make sure that my posts are as excellent dor you as they can be. But I’m Paleo, I’ll get by! For my recipes, I’ll write them the old-fashioned way. There will be fewer, since I will not be as focused on that. There may just be more posts though, since I may have some down-time to transcribe my notes.
I’ll take as many pictures as I can – and I will definitely be planning to put together a trip-recap when I return. And even better: I’ll definitely have some serious food pictures!! You’ll see a few while I’m here. And a lot more once I return!
I will be running daily. The hills here are positively begging for runners! The real challenge for me in this will be my shoes. I made the split-second decision while packing to forgo my Vibrams for this trip. Weight and space were concerns, but mostly I want to make sure that I don’t stick out any more than I have to. There’s no need for me to be attracting unneeded attention here. At home, I know what I can get away with, and how to manage unwanted surprises. Here, I’m out of my element, and want to blend in where it’s convenient. Of course, I’m still wearing minimalist sneakers, but it’s been a long time since I’ve run more than a few steps in sneakers of any type. So this will be interesting for me.

I’m excited! Keep tuned for more in my sudden but welcome trip to Medellin!

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