Courses: Breakfast

Raisin Chia Porridge 5

UPC’s Raisin Chia Porridge I realize that the title is not terribly appealing. When I think about the word “Porridge” my mind conjures up entirely fictional and imagined images from when my father used to read Patrick McManus books to me and my siblings as kids. The reading, and the […]

Vegetable Chicken Stock Salmon Soup 1

UPC’s Vegetable Chicken Stock Salmon Soup My wife and I have really been enjoying kicking our days off with our soups. She got a huge kick out of me posting the recipe for our own, personal “Sopa Levanta Muertos” last week, and has had no end in enjoyment sharing and commenting […]

Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Raspberry Coconut Oil Apple Cider Vinegar 3

UPC’s Morning Detox Drinks Series – Raspberry Coconut Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Detox is a serious buzzword these days. In fact, it’s such a buzzword that I would normally look for ways to avoid it. I generally try to stay away from buzzwords. I started following the Paleo diet a […]

Sopa Levanta Muertos – Morning Soup 2

UPC’s Sopa Levanta Muertos – Morning Soup I’m tired today. I had a great weekend, with some excellent social time, and a few really top-notch workouts! Of course, there’s always another side to every story – with the “great social time” here in the NYC area, usually comes late nights, loss […]

Guest Post Recipe: Eggs In A Nest 3

Today I am so excited!! I know that I rarely put up a post on the weekend, but that could change if you all follow suit with this reader… One of my regular readers (Gary) sent this along to me, and it is just so great looking, and filled me […]

Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime 7

UPC’s Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime Detox Drink Recipe Detox drinks and juicing are all the rage these days, with special ones being made of various fruit juices, juiced vegetables, and teas (including one I saw online that was both tea and a juiced vegetable). Honestly, I don’t get it. […]

Scrambled Eggs – A Simple Morning Treat

Ahh, eggs for breakfast this morning. It can a simple meal, sometimes nostalgic, and can be incredibly satisfying. There are 100 million variations on how to put them together, and each chef has their own preferred method. In fact, each person has their own preferred style, and that’s partly why […]