Comfort Food

UPC’s Hot & Cold Salad – To Go

“Ugh!” My wife said, noticing that I was taking a picture of the salad in their plastic containers. Her aesthetic sense was offended by the plastic – and I don’t blame her! “I just don’t like the plastic containers in the picture!” She finished her thought. “I know…” I replied, […]

UPC’s Hot & Cold Salad – With Orange Champagne Muscat Viniagrette

Mmmmmm! Another Hot & Cold Salad today for breakfast! This one, however, was extra special. What made it special? Aside from the fact that I am going nuts for my Hot & Cold Salads (I may actually dedicate a page to them, and post all the variations of the Hot […]

Beef Short Ribs – Apple Pie Style

So I woke up with a craving for apples yesterday morning. You’re getting this post one day after I made this dish, and for good reason! I am adventurous in the kitchen, and I encourage all of you to be the same! And while there are many benefits to being […]

Stewed Shank Steak

I love the crock pot, slow cookers, and dutch ovens. They make a great way to put together a meal in the morning, do a little planning, perhaps program the stove, and leave it alone until you’re ready for dinner. And best of all, as you come and go from […]

Toasted Red-Pepper Guacamole

Right Of Passage It occurred to me the other day that having a Guac recipe on your blog is almost like a Chef’s Right Of Passage. I imagine there are a few food blogs out there with no Guac recipes, like 365 Days Of Bacon. Though, on further consideration, a […]

Mushroom Tapenade with Caramelized Onions 6

Mushroom Tapenade with Caramelized Onions My wife and I hosted two back to back small-scale parties at our place over the weekend. It was amazing! And cooking for parties is one of the things that I look forward to the most as a chef. Back in the old days, I […]

What’s For Dinner?

Beef Short Rib Stew Wow! Just saying the name makes my mouth water! Ok, props first… Today’s inspiration comes from the cover of Food & Wine Magazine. Take a quick look at the Feb 2013 and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! That soup is so amazing looking, I […]

Stir Fried Vegetables

There is nothing quite like a stir-fry as a side to a roast or steak; or even as an appetizer. It’s rich, colorful, it looks and tastes great, and best of all: it’s quick and easy! You can easily put together a stir fry while your main dish is cooking. What you’ll need: […]

Hot And Cold Salad – Take Two

Certainly I was not the first person to invent the Hot And Cold Salad. I know there have been times when someone decided to put some just-heated spaghetti sauce on top of some kale and make a quick lunch out of it. In fact, I’m fairly certain I do that […]

Hot and Cold Salad

Weekend Pot Roast

When I went shopping for my food this week on Tuesday night (I do most of my shopping on Tuesday nights), a really good looking Pot Roast caught my eye. It’s a Pork Loin Roast, and for whatever reason, I was hit by a craving for a roast this weekend. […]