What’s For Breakfast? Paleo Chocolate-Bar Omelet 18

UPC’s Paleo Chocolate Bar Omelet I’m a very playful guy. I love to run, jump, spin… There are few things in the world that are more gratifying to me than attempting something, and failing. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really have a good answer; though I am certain that […]

The Egg Project – Pete and Gerry’s Heirloom Ameraucana Eggs 13

UPC’s The Egg Project My wife recently asked me to reconsider an analysis of the eggs that are available commercially. I’ve spent more than a few lines on my blog griping about the food that chickens are fed, and how I’m generally dissatisfied with both the chicken and egg quality […]

“Life’s Short, Eat Dessert First” Eggs

“Life’s Short, Eat Desert First!” Eggs I haven’t written to you all in a week! I feel deprived!! I know, it almost sounds backwards, right? I don’t write, so I’m the one feeling deprived? But the truth is that over the past 6 months, I’ve built a great relationship with […]

What’s For Breakfast? Mushroom And Tomato Omelet with Bacon

UPC’s Mushroom And Tomato Omelet with Vermont Smoke And Cure Bacon! I know that some of you have been enjoying my Diet And Workout posts, where I am sharing with you everything I am doing to reach my goals this summer. They’re tough goals, and I am really excited by […]

What’s For Breakfast? Hot & Cold Salad – Scrambled Eggs

I don’t know what it is about eggs, but I’ve been on a huge kick with them over the past week or so. Maybe it’s the increased training I’ve been doing in pursuit of my training goals? If so, then it would make sense that my body would be asking […]

What’s For Breakfast? Sweet Potato Eggs

As a quick reminder: I was published last week!!! The recipe book that I was published in is a compilation of many of the best of Paleo’s chef-bloggers, and I am honored to be counted as one of their members! I’ve been through the recipes in the book, and likely […]

What’s For Breakfast? Slab Bacon and Eggs!

This Vermont Smoke And Cure slab bacon is so good I just can’t keep my paws off of it! There’s just something special about how this stuff is put together, and I can’t get enough! I had a slab of it sitting in the fridge since Tuesday night, and it’s […]

What’s For Breakfast? Celery Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Papaya

Papaya, Eggs and Avocado. It’s the Urban Paleo Chef’s Paleo Digestion Meal! Another of my Colombia meals, here is one of the breakfasts that I put together while I was there. I always try and get accommodations with a kitchen. That can turn a $1000 dollar food budget for vacation […]

What’s For Breakfast? Crimini Mushrooms And Zucchini Scrambled Eggs 4

I had a fantastic weekend! The sun was out, the temperature was quite nice, and the weather was fantastic all weekend! I got in a couple of great runs, and some workouts besides. All told, the weekend couldn’t have been better! So, of course, just to make sure that I […]

What’s for… Breakfast? Apple Sausage and Zucchini Scrambled Eggs with Avocado

The meal-time dance that my wife and I go through, every meal-time, is of an endless amount of amusement to me. “What do you want for breakfast?” I asked, bringing coffee to my wife in bed this morning. Yes, I bring her coffee in bed, I cook, and I do […]