The Bacon Project

The Bacon Project – Classic Sliced Dry Rubbed Bacon, Wellshire Farms All Natural

Classic Sliced Dry Rubbed, Wellshire Farms All Natural Opening The Package: After cutting it open, I smelled it.  The scent was smokey and bordered on sweet. I was so surprised by the sweet smell, I called my wife over to smell it and she agreed. Looking at the bacon, my […]

The Bacon Project – Canadian Style Bacon, Applegate Naturals

Canadian Style Bacon, Applegate Naturals The critique: My initial thoughts as my mouth watered, examining the packet of bacon was that it was going to be delicious! Most of the “canadian bacon” I have had in the past was really just cooked ham, no fat, cut in a circle and […]

The Bacon Project – Irish Brand, Global Gourmet 6

So, I have finally gotten a start on my Bacon Project, where I will sample, and report on all of the available brands of bacon. At least, the ones worth buying. And to get us started, I’ve brought home the very first of the interesting brands of bacon, shown above. […]