The Egg Project – The Country Hen Eggs (Hint: Not Top-Tier) 3

The Country Hen Eggs As you’ll see below, these had one of the more interesting boxes on the shelf and so attracted my attention. Inside the box, there is a message that states that these were the original cage-free egg, apparently from 1988. I find this claim impressive, and worthy […]

What’s For Dinner? Braised Ham Steak, Caramelized Mushrooms, and Fruit Salad

UPC’s Braised Ham Steak We’ve had a bit of a heat wave these past few weeks. It has been really hot – over 90 degrees. Despite the heat I have been hitting the track every chance I get. I’ve been really enjoying my speed work, and I’ve been prioritizing the […]

Even Chefs Take Vacations!

I’m in Cancun, Mexico, for a short but hopefully very sweet little vacation. My wife and I caught the good side of a great deal, and took off to paradise for the weekend, enjoying some sun, sand, and someone else’s cooking. Wait, what’s that? Someone else’s cooking? That’s right! I […]

Weekend Food Commentary – How Mid-Winter Carb Cravings Could Be A Good Thing

Carbs are such an excellently controversial topic these days. Any time the social wisdom is changing, the central idea of the “old wisdom” becomes highly controversial. Now, of course, anyone reading my posts already agrees that the argument about grains is long over, so by “Carbs” I am referring to […]