Bacon Avocado Salad
Author: Urban Paleo Chef
The amazing savory combination of Bacon and Avocado, some extra flavors of mint, green onion, and
  • 1 lb Bacon, chopped or crumbled
  • Salad (I prefer a "spring mix" for the colors)
  • 4 oz Crimini Mushrooms (aka "Baby Bella")
  • Clover sprouts
  • 3 sprigs fresh Mint
  • 1 cup Green Onions, chopped (chives will work too)
  • 1 large Avocado (or 2 small), chopped
  • Options: Tomatoes, Peppers (green, red, yellow, etc), Fruits and other Veggies
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Start the bacon.
  2. Chop and prep the vegetables.
  3. For the mint and green onions, be sure that the pieces are quite small; these are there for flavor support, not as green vegetables.
  4. Combine the green veggies in a mixing bowl, with the mushrooms on the top.
  5. Add the bacon on top of the mushrooms.
  6. Add the olive oil and mix thoroughly. Serve and enjoy!
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