What’s For Dinner? – Slow Cooked Pork Loin, Cumin Roasted Carrots, Avocado

Plus a bonus: a quick guide on making Bone Broth, and one of the things that you can do with it. How often do you have a really tough day? I mean, the kind of day that makes you want to throw your baseball cap on the floor, step on […]

What’s For Dinner? – Champion’s Salad

Breakfast Of Champions! I read an article some years ago from the deep archives of News History. It was a conclusion by a nutrition panel that Wheaties were such a poor source of nutrition that you were just as likely to have a “well balanced breakfast” by eating the box. […]

Meat-Lover’s Salad

I have a good friend who eats meat only grudgingly. I have never gotten a full explanation from her as to why she doesn’t like it – but some people are satisfied with the answer “I just don’t like it.” Which is ok. She begrudgingly cedes that there is no […]

Slow-Cooker Smoked Pork Roast

When does a horrible mistake turn out to be an astonishing success? Well, if I was hiking along, minding my own business, and fell down a small hole discovering an un-claimed gold mine, that would count, right? This time is different – but not that much!!! I set up my […]

Weekend Pot Roast

When I went shopping for my food this week on Tuesday night (I do most of my shopping on Tuesday nights), a really good looking Pot Roast caught my eye. It’s a Pork Loin Roast, and for whatever reason, I was hit by a craving for a roast this weekend. […]

Herb Roasted Pork Shoulder, Olive Oil Tossed Stir Fry Veggies, and UPC Twisted Greens

So how many of you tried this last night? Well, I certainly did, and it came out amazing!! I have to admit, though, that I had to do some thinking on my feet, which I am going to tell you about here in this post. It’s natural, and normal, for […]

What’s For Dinner?

Herb Roasted Pork Shoulder, Olive Oil Tossed Toasted Vegetables, UPC Twisted Greens Dinner tonight was inspired by the picture to the right. As I’ve stated in my What’s For Dinner┬ápage, I will be building a database of both “What’s For Dinner” and Recipes. And when I have hundreds of recipes, […]

Pork Shoulder with Stir Fried Veggies and Salad