What’s For Dinner? – Grass-Fed Steak And Cumin-Carrot Salad

I had a great weekend! Saturday my wife and I headed to a nutrition specialist (not an “RD” mind you – there aren’t many of those whom we will trust) to discuss the proper nutritional supplements that each of us should be taking, given our current diet and lifestyle, in […]

Post Workout Hot & Cold Salad

Solid morning workout, great post-workout meal, and quick post. What better way to get a weekend started? Post Workout Hot & Cold Salad What you’ll need: Choice Leaf Lettuce, 1 head, chopped (I used Boston Red Oak) 4 Eggs Favorite Egg Flavors Chopped Steak (1/4 lb, left over) Chopped Crimini […]

What’s For Dinner? – Ginger Lime Steak And Mashed Rutabaga

A short trip to Cancun to remind me that there is other cuisine out there! Some of the things that the “traditional” food served to us used I didn’t like at all – there was an overabundance of corn! Every meal was served with corn chips or corn tortillas. I […]

Ginger Lime Beef with Mashed Rutabaga and Avocado

Post Workout Meal – Paleo Power Bar!

I had a great workout this afternoon. I get in a decent workout almost every day, but today was a great workout. And I have to say, when I finish up a really good workout, there is little else on my mind than a quick-fix for energy and some water. […]