Herb Salad For Breakfast

I’m hoping no one will be disappointed with a quick post for this morning, but the truth is that I’m writing before eating. And I just cannot wait another minute to eat this salad!


I looked in to the fridge, wondering what kind of interesting food I would be cooking up for breakfast, and saw a bunch of cilantro sitting there, looking forlorn. I’m not sure how a vegetable can look forlorn, particularly when surrounded by the other food in the fridge, but somehow I was stricken with the need to utilize it. So, I designed this morning’s salad around cilantro, not as a subtle additive or supporting flavor, not even as a primary flavor, but as a green leafy vegetable and the basis for most of my salads. It took a bit of work, separating the leaves from the stalks to make the green salad you see in the picture. More work still to determine which other ingredients would support the flavor of cilantro, rather than clash with it. But in the end, I arrived at what turned out to be a delicious breakfast treat!

Cilantro and mint are the primary greens in the salad, though there is quite a bit more cilantro than mint. Mint, as in previous salads, was a supporting flavor in this salad where cilantro was not only the primary vegetable, but also the primary flavor. The meat you see there is bacon. For additional flavor: I steamed celery, zucchini and parsnips together while the bacon was cooking. Once there was enough bacon grease, I poured some out in to a saute pan, and put a handful of mushrooms in, along with the diced stalks of the cilantro. Yes, I use the stalks, I don’t throw them out. They’re extra flavor! Why waste that? As the dish came together, I added my normal olive oil and mixed, again by hand, arriving at this delightful final product! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pay it some proper attention.

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