The Bacon Project – Irish Brand, Global Gourmet 6

BaconProject-IrishBrand_GlobalGourmetSo, I have finally gotten a start on my Bacon Project, where I will sample, and report on all of the available brands of bacon. At least, the ones worth buying. And to get us started, I’ve brought home the very first of the interesting brands of bacon, shown above.

Irish Brand, Global Gourmet

The critique:

The bacon was delicious! I had it with eggs over hard and some celery and mushrooms, all cooked in the left over bacon fat. It was excellent!


Thoughts and Notes: This was a much higher percentage meat than the standard american cut. Which is great! That said, it will require that I modify my cooking technique a bit in the future. Because there’s more meat, and less fat, I will have to cook it a bit longer and on a bit lower heat in order to properly preserve the chewiness. The end result of my cooking was a delightful meal, and quite tasty bacon, but it was a bit crispy on the outsides, and I really prefer my bacon chewy. As you can see in the picture above, the bacon is slightly blackened on the outside. I know there are plenty of people who prefer it that way, but not me. So, that’s my note-to-self on the future of this style bacon.

Cooking notes aside: the texture was excellent. It’s a little thicker than strip bacon, so it maintains it’s texture a bit better. And the flavor was great too! It had some of the smokey flavor you expect from bacon, while the flavor of the pork carried over a bit as well, likely because there is more meat than strip bacon.

For more thoughts on Bacon, and further Bacon Project posts, keep an eye out for Urban Paleo Chef posts! Also, comment in with thoughts, suggestions, and questions for all things Bacon related!

Further reading:

The critique over with, here is what I will be using as a base for evaluation of my bacon. I will include the following in each of my Bacon Project posts, as well as some of my thoughts on that particular bacon.

  1. No nitrates or nitrites added (except those occurring in sea salt and celery)
  2. Minimal processing, no artificial ingredients
  3. Pork raised without antibiotics
  4. Sustainable farm raised

This one gets a check-mark for the first three. The fourth rule is a tough one, because I have yet to find a Sustainable Farm Raised commercially available bacon product. But I will keep looking!

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