Ropa Vieja at Son Cubano restaurant


Lunch out. I love to cook, and I love to eat! I am definitely not shy about my love for good food… I have a blog dedicated to it, after all! So, being a food lover, I love to go sample other people’s culinary creations from time to time as well. Not to mention eating out can be a great source of inspiration. And then I get to share that experience and inspiration with you!

SonCubano-MinLunch was at Son Cubano restaurant, with my wife and 2 of our closest friends. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s an upscale Cuban restaurant. They have a few Cuban dishes which they’ve truly mastered – Ropa Vieja, Churrasco, among others. I ordered the Ropa Vieja shown in the picture above, and replaced the rice and beans with a side salad. Then I got to sample my wife’s Churrasco.

Ordering Paleo meals can be somewhat challenging, depending on the restaurant. But most chefs start a meal the same way: choose a meat, choose a flavor profile (sauces, spices, etc.), then choose a vegetable. If you select a meal with Paleo friendly flavoring, the restaurant will usually allow you to replace a grain or potato side with a side salad.

Good food, good company… it was just right!

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