Post Workout Meal – Paleo Power Bar!


I had a great workout this afternoon. I get in a decent workout almost every day, but today was a great workout. And I have to say, when I finish up a really good workout, there is little else on my mind than a quick-fix for energy and some water. Strangely enough, I am almost never actually hungry immediately after working out, which might contribute to the craving for a quick-fix, like a Power Bar. And what could possibly be better for you after a solid Paleo style workout than a Power Bar, right? As long as “Power-Bar” is short-hand for a Paleo mini-meal in your house, then yes! And by that, of course, I mean some good quality fat, some highly nutritious complex carbs, and some really good quality protein, and all of them whole foods!

Here’s how I did it, and made it timely:

Last night I put the steak in the freezer. This causes it to take longer to cook, and I then have to modify my cook style to use lower heat, and cook longer. Almost like cooking a roast. Then, just before heading out for my workout, I put the steak on the stove at low heat, about a 2 on the 10 scale. I sprinkled it with some spices (black pepper and turmeric), added some coconut oil to the pan, and a little more on top of the steak, and covered it to cook while I was out exercising.

As soon as I got back from my workout, I cut up a sweet potato, put it on a baking sheet with some coconut oil and some rosemary, and set it to 425 to bake. This gave me time to cool down a bit, take a quick shower, and be back in the kitchen in time to serve up a great post-workout meal – after adding that one last ingredient: avocado. You have got to have some good, healthy fats in there!

If you have any other Paleo Power-Bar recipes, tips, and tricks that you use, share them in the comments section!

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