I’ll Be Guest Posting!


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I have been given the most incredible honor! For any of you who follow me on twitter, you may have already picked up on this, since this came to me via twitter. But for those of you who missed it, or don’t follow me on twitter, here it is:

I’ve been invited to Guest Post at Carl Mason-Leibenburg’s http://www.el3mentsofwellness.com/.

As I mentioned above, being invited to be a guest blogger is an incredible honor, and I just wanted to give you all a quick heads-up so you can go take a look at the blog that I’ll be guest-posting to. Here is what I’ve picked up of Carl Mason-Leibenberg, without stealing any of what he wrote about himself on his blog bio:

Carl is incredibly outgoing. He draws people to him with a magnetic personality (and I only know him through the cybersphere!), and invites those people to congregate in his midst. In addition to being highly magnetic, Carl utilizes his influence in a community driven manner: he coaches and encourages people to follow him down that same path of outgoing, personally charismatic happiness. And trust me, I’m not just saying that. Carl is a very successful net-worker, and many people could take some notes on how he manages to get his name “out there” including me!
His personal brand is fitness and health. He works hard to put the good-word out there about health, the happiness of health, and the motivation for change that so many people really need to embrace!

So let’s check out his blog a bit, and get to know the company I’ve been invited to keep! If you feel so inclined, comment on some of his posts. He loves that!

And definitely keep your eyes peeled for the special recipe I’ve cooked up just for him. You’ll all love this recipe, and it will be posted exclusively on his site – so don’t miss it! Don’t worry, though, I will definitely be posting a quick note to let you all know it’s there.

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