Latest Guest Post Here! And It’s About BACON!!


Hey all – This will just be a quick little note to you to let you know that my latest guest post has been submitted, and it’s work I am really proud of! I was asked to write an article on how to find, evaluate, and eat bacon in a healthy way. So I took it as a chance to expound on the 4 rules I have on my Bacon Project page, about why they’re so important (the short version), and I stuck a new rule in at the number one spot! If you’d like to know what the new rule is, hop on over and take a peak!

And you know the drill: when you’re there, behave like proper guests. You know, leave graffiti, bounce around like hooligans to the other blog posts and let your presence be known, and generally have a great time!!!

Here it is:

Bacon! I Smell Bacon! But Is Bacon Good For Me?

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