Tasty or Terrifying? You be the judge…


Photo from http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-18/why-more-extreme-foods-are-creeping-onto-menus#r=lr-fst

Vote with your dollars every day for health and healthy food choices.

There is little in this world on which I would apply the label “Terrifying”. I moan and gripe about some serious food issues, to my wife’s amusement and often discontent. Some of these issues I have identified and discussed here on the UPC site: Eggs, and what’s wrong with the entire commercial stock; why in the world people think “all vegetarian feed” is a good thing for chickens; and several others. For the most part, you readers have borne my complaints with good humor, most likely just waiting for the next recipe to come along. And truth be told, I really like talking about food. I love tastes, textures. I love sharing my techniques, and learning from others in this blogging community. It’s been a great relationship for me: I share, and I have been enjoying other people’s sharing.

So, let’s get on with what’s actually terrifying. The list of gripes I’ve mentioned above are important to me, and I really would like to see the Paleo community grow, so that food quality will start to become a huge discussion, and maybe get a bit better (I would LOVE to be able to buy pastured, healthy eggs as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s rather than the soy-fed crap they have there now). But when I say something is terrifying to me, that should raise some eyebrows. So, here it is: a doughnut bacon and egg sandwich from Dunkin Doughnuts.


Photo from http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/06/03/188341217/sandwich-monday-dunkin-donuts-glazed-donut-breakfast-sandwich

If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. This is the most absurd combination of franken-foods that I have ever seen. This rivals doing Spaghetti And Tofu-balls with processed wheat noodles cooked in vegetable oil and tap water, GMO-Soy tofu meat substitutes for the “meatballs”, and the high fructose corn syrup laden Ragu, which only bears a passing resemblance to the Pasta Sauce that my Italian Grandmother made. Rivals it, and surpasses it. Doughnuts are the absolute polar opposite of good health, and combining them with the super-GMO-fed CAFO chicken eggs, microwaved to white and dull yellow perfection, and the commercial-nitrate, over-sugared CAFO bacon that Dunkin Doughnuts will be serving it with is what fills me with dread.

And what’s worse: they didn’t roll this out nation wide without first running focus groups to test the market feasibility. So someone, somewhere told them that this was a good idea. Which means that there are people who will eat this. And then, like any good profit-minded corporation, they certainly rolled it out to only a few select stores, to see whether it would sell. And somehow there were people who decided it was a good idea to put this garbage in their mouths!

What terrifies me the most, the thing that really makes this post about my abject horror, is that there are enough people in this country who would eat this that their food-votes will decide what kinds of foods are available for me. These are the people who are filling the grocery stores with beige food-like products in plastic packages. These are the people who are making the supposed “health care” industry spend so much money on entirely preventable diseases.

I need you: Primal, Paleo, Vegan, and any other food-conscious people to start to band together. We need to work together to keep healthy foods in our grocery stores. We need to work together to make certain that the whole world knows that there is an alternative to this:


Photo from: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-18/why-more-extreme-foods-are-creeping-onto-menus#r=lr-fst

Because we can make ourselves heard. And that… thing in the picture above, that doesn’t have to be the “accepted diet” in this world. Let it be relegated to where it should be: the fringe. And let’s put healthy back in the mainstream.

Vote every day. Vote with your dollars for healthy foods and healthy food choices.

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