Fat-Burning Chef E-Book


If you’re wondering if this is a review, don’t worry. It’s definitely not. Why? Because it is completely inappropriate for a contributing author to review their own book. That’s right, I am a contributing author for the new Fat Burning Chef book!! When you check out the Authors section, you’ll find me under Lucas Root, Urban Paleo Chef, with the familiar red-shirt picture which my wife has grown to hate.
What?? You ask. When did this happen? Well, I put up a post about how excited I was that this was happening back in May some time. If you all can remember that far back, though, then you really need a new hobby! And fortunately, I have just the thing: get the Fat Burning Chef E-Book, and cook every single recipe in there!

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This is an amazing book, which I have had my hands on for just about a week, and I am unbelievably excited about it! There are over 100 different recipes in the book, with a wide range of meals, foods covered, and contributing authors. There are recipes from some of the most famous Paleo authors, as well as some of the newer kids on the scene like me. And every single recipe in there is drool-worthy!

Here are the content sections that you can expect to find in the book:

  • Decadent Desserts
  • Beef Entrees
  • Pork Entrees
  • Poultry Entrees
  • Seafood Entrees
  • Breakfast
  • Sides & Snacks
  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • and Stocking The Kitchen bonus section!


And just to give you all a sneak peek at the contributors:

  • Stacy & Matt, Paleo Parents
  • George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking
  • Melissa Joulwan, Well Fed & The Clothes Make The Girl
  • Juli Bauer, PaleOMG
  • Neely Quinn, Paleo Plan
  • Liz Wolfe, Cave Girl Eats
  • Joshua Weissman, Slim Palate
  • Todd Dosenberry, Primal Toad
  • Alyson Bridge, Gluten Free Eats
  • Lisa Wells, Cook Eat Paleo
  • Rachel McClelland, South Beach Primal
  • Jesse Schelew, Out To Lunch Creations
  • Lucas Root, Urban Paleo Chef
  • Karen Sorenson, Living Low Carb…One Day at a Time
  • Aglaee Jacob, The Paleo Dietitian
  • Kelly Winters, Primally Inspired
  • Ben Hirshberg, Paleo Chocolate & Paleo Ice Cream Recipes
  • Rachael Adams, The Freckled Foodie
  • Svenja Trierscheid, I Love Real Food
  • Pamela King, Paleo Table
  • Sam Gaucher, Canada Girl Eats Paleo
  • Joel Runyon, Impossible HQ
  • Marla Sarris, Paleo Porn

Wait, did I just see my name in that list? Yeah, yeah, you all already know that I’m there… But it’s still great to see it! Trust me, the fun has not worn off for me yet!

And finally: an offer! 
This week only:

  • The E-Book is on sale for $27
  • If you make the purchase this week, you could even win an iPad in the Fat Burning Chef giveaway drawing!
Don’t miss out on this great line-up and wonderful resource, BUY FAT-BURNING CHEF today!

13 thoughts on “Fat-Burning Chef E-Book

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  2. Absolutely fantastic Lucas. I am bookmarking this page to come back and dip into that list of contributors websites. On the fence for getting a copy. I am just so lazy in the kitchen… Damn I should change my ways. Go on, prod me a bit more :)

    • Thanks Jason! It’s encouragement from readers like you that keeps me going!

      As for being lazy in the kitchen: I can’t relate. I love my food, and I love the quality that only I can bring to the kitchen (or another chef as dedicated as I am). I can’t imagine anything different… I can only wish you the best of luck in discovering what I find every day: that the product of my labors in my kitchen are all the reward I need, and it keeps me coming back over and over!

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  4. Keep up the good work, and lets all look forward to your own book one day. Had you thought about putting together a book of your best recipes from this site? You can publish on Kindle or with e-junkie?

    • Thanks Paul!
      I have been considering it. I have some really top-notch recipes here, which I am very proud of! But they’re in the completely wrong format for a recipe book, and it would take quite a bit of work to re-format them. Perhaps the next time I am in between jobs, I’ll do it. Or maybe it will be an evening project for the winter… As if I don’t already do enough, right?
      But yes, that’s not a new idea to me, just not something I’ve taken the time to put together yet. Since I’m still a relative young’in in the blogging world, I’ve been focusing on building my brand, and building up my blog first. 6 months is not long – so I have time.

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