What’s For Dinner? Slow-Cooked Beef Picadillo


UPC’s version of Beef Picadillo: Slow-Cooked with Olives and Raisins!

Every once in a while, while my wife and I are playing the “what do you want for dinner?” game, we agree immediately on what we want. That happened last night. I asked, as I so often do, “What do you want for dinner?” and my wife said: “Ground beef?” asking if that was available, and therefore on the menu. “Sure,” I replied, “Would you like Cuban beef?” “Yes!” She jumped at the idea, excited to have it. Beef Picadillo, or as my wife and I call the way that I cook it: “Cuban Beef” is a delicious way to enjoy a ground beef meal.

UPC’s Slow-Cooked Beef Picadillo; What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb Ground Beef (Grass-Fed please!)
  • 1 cup Raisins (organic, of course)
  • 1 large can Green Olives (this will work with black – but green looks better)
  • Fresh Ground Pepper, Turmeric, Sea Salt to taste
  • 1 medium Sweet Potato, sliced home-fry style
  • Avocado and Tomato for side salad

Serves: 2+
Prep and Cook time: 65 minutes

1. Put the ground beef in a pan on high.

2. Add the sweet potato around the outside of the beef.

3. On top of the beef, spread the raisins out covering the beef entirely.

4. Drain the olives, then crush them by hand, dropping them on top of the raisins and beef.

5. Spice the dish, spicing the beef, raisins, and olives sparsely, while spicing the sweet potatoes heavily. Mix the sweet potatoes up a bit after spicing.

6. Cover the pan, turn the heat down to “Simmer” or about 2 out of 10.

Cook for 30-35 minutes.

7. Stir the beef thoroughly, making sure that the olives and raisins are fully stirred in.

Cook for the remaining 25-30 minutes, until you’re ready to serve.

Slow-Cooked Beef Picadillo with Sweet Potatoes and Avocado and Tomato salad

Beef Picadillo, or “Cuban Beef” is one of my household favorites. It takes a little extra work, since the vegetables and fruit take some time to contribute their flavor to the ground beef, so we don’t have it as often as some of the other quick recipes that I’ve featured recently. But it’s a fantastic way to cook something up while you’re unwinding after work. Just start the meal as soon as you get home, go about your business for 20-30 minutes, stir it once, leave it alone for another 20-30 minutes, then eat. It’s great!

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