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UPC’s Steak Fries

Have you ever wondered what “Steak Fries” actually means? A quick internet search will bring up all sorts of different baked potato-fry recipes. You’ll see the skinny-cut that restaurants most often serve all the way through the thick-cut home-fry style steak fries. My question, every time I have seen them on a menu, has been: “Why are they ‘Steak Fries’?” What is special about these fries that warrants a separate name? I mean, if they’re just “Fries” which are being served with a steak, that shouldn’t warrant a name of it’s own, right?
Well, I’ve decided that we need a definition for what “Steak Fries” are, and it’s not enough for it to just be some fries served with a steak.

Paleo Definition: Steak Fries

“French Fry” or “Home Fry” cut sweet potatoes, cooked at a high temperature, skin down, in the same pan as a steak. By cooking the “Steak Fries” in that same pan, the sweet potato fries will take on some of the flavor of the steak. Hence the name: “Steak Fries”.

Steak & Steak Fries; What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb Grass-Fed Rib Eye Steak (any fatty cut will do – but you need the fat for the Steak Fries to really come out excellent)
  • 2 long Sweet Potatoes, sliced home-fry style (Organic, if possible)
  • Spices: Ground Black Pepper, Turmeric, Oregano
  • 1 Avocado, chopped
  • 8-10 Cherry Tomatoes, chopped

Serves: 2
Prep and Cook Time: 25 minutes

1. Add the steak to your pan and season lightly on the top of the steak.

2. Arrange the Steak Fries around the edge of the steak with the skin down on the pan.

3. Cook on Medium-High, covered, for 5 minutes.

4. After 5 minutes of cook time, flip the steak, and continue to cook on Medium-High, covered, for another 3-4 minutes.

5. Turn the heat down to just below Medium and uncover the pan.

6. Re-spice the steak, and let the steak and Steak Fries continue to cook until you’re ready to serve. Total cook time should not exceed 20 minutes.

7. Prepare the side-salad. Serve when ready!


Serve the salad first, followed by the steak. If you did this right, the sweet potato Steak Fries should be moist and soft, and you’ll want to have easy access to them in order to serve them without damaging their shape or presentation. Once the steak and salad are served, arrange the Steak Fries parallel to each other, serve, and enjoy!

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