What’s For Lunch? Pulled Pork and Avocado Salad


UPC’s Pulled Pork

I really enjoy pulled pork. I like the beef and chicken versions of the dish too: Shredded Beef, and Jerk Chicken (as well as all of the other names for those dishes). It’s flavorful, easy to eat, and easy to re-use as a portion of another dish! Not that I often have much in the way of left overs… But when I do, a pulled pork is just about as easy to use as cold-cuts. Actually, I think it’s easier!

UPC’s Pulled Pork; What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb Pork Roast (or more if you want left-overs)
  • 1 Pear, finely chopped (I think bosc is best for this recipe; but any variety should do the trick!)
  • 1 medium Onion, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons Raw Cider Vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons Fresh Ground Black Pepper, at least 2-3 tablespoons
  • 1 tablespoon Sea Salt

Serves: 2
Prep and Cook Time: at least 6 hours

1. First thing in the morning, put the roast and ingredients in a Crock Pot or slow-cooker.

2. Cook on low heat for the morning, at least 6 hours.

3. About 30 minutes before meal time, check for tenderness. The Roast should be fully cooked, and very tender.

4. About 10 minutes before meal-time, prepare the side salad.

5. About 5 minutes before meal-time, take the pork out of the slow-cooker and pull it apart using tongs and a large serving fork.

And enjoy!!


  • Do you do a pulled-pork (or chicken or beef) often?
  • How do you like to spice yours? What spices and added vegetables/fruits do you like to use?
  • Do you make enough for left-overs? How do you use your left-overs?

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0 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch? Pulled Pork and Avocado Salad

  • xlouderthanlovex

    Love, love love pulled pork. I never tried it before moving to Philly, but fell in love with it at first bite. Throw on some long hots or broccoli rabe…mmm…

    Your recipe reminds me a lot of a pernil one I follow, save for the pear. I’ll have to swap out the garlic, oregano, lime and cilantro for the pear the next time around. I like to add cumin and ancho peppers as well from time to time :0)

    • urbanpaleochef

      Me too! It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to make pork! It’s amazingly tasty, and can be used and re-used almost infinitely!

      Yeah, garlic doesn’t mix well with pear. Although I think that lime or cilantro could mix well with pear, under the right circumstances. As an alternate to pear, you can do this quite well with balsamic vinegar instead of cider vinegar and plum and cumin, or just swap the pear with apples (that one’s obvious), or you could swap out the pear with nectarine or peach, or you could do the balsamic and cumin with the nectarine or peach. Pork has so many great qualities, and it’s so easy to design delicious recipes around it!
      Ancho peppers are yummy! My wife has a hard time with peppers, which is why I don’t feature them too often, but I really enjoy Ancho peppers when they wander in to my meals!

  • laurasmess

    Oh YUM. I adore pulled pork… any slow-cooked meat, for that matter! We must think alike, as I actually prepped a pork shoulder to slow cook last night. I’m about to put it in the oven and head off to work right now πŸ™‚ I’ve used apple cider vinegar also, with a whack of different spices (smoked paprika, mustard, chilli, cumin, oregano) and a sprinkle of brown sugar. I’ve never cooked it with pear though. I like the look of your avocado salad (are they brussels sprouts?). Re leftovers, there are never any leftovers (as my husband’s friends come over and eat me out of house and home!) but I do love sandwiching it in a soft roll with a slather of homemade BBQ sauce and some coleslaw.

      • Adventures of a Cavemom

        It’s Jessica. πŸ™‚ I’ve tried the Hickory Pulled Pork from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, and the pulled pork from Paleo Comfort Foods. Both involve dry rubs. Yours sounds like much less work and I love pears. I’m excited to give it a try. πŸ™‚

        • urbanpaleochef

          Oops!! Sorry Jessica! I wonder where I got Liz from?

          Yeah, I’ve seen tons of pulled pork, jerk chicken, and shredded beef recipes which call for a dry-rub. But the truth is that most of my slow-cooking prep is done in the morning before I head off to work. And I just don’t have the time, patience, or mental fortitude to do dry-rubs on raw meat before I’ve had my coffee! I’ve had to adapt my cooking style to my circumstances, and one of those is my limited time in the morning for my food prep. If that means that I can’t dry-rub my meals, then I have to find another way for the flavor to stick to the food. Fruit, surprisingly, does an amazing job of that!
          This will also work really well with apple, nectarine, and plum. Also, you can swap the apple cider vinegar for balsamic. Between the different fruits and different vinegars, this recipe can be used and re-used for weeks on end without getting bored of it!

    • urbanpaleochef

      Thank you Zoe! I really enjoy Pulled Pork (and the equivalent beef and chicken recipes) and all of the things that I can do with it. I like to make 5-6 pounds, and then re-use it for salads and eggs all week!

  • Bar Science

    I went to Mexico recently. I ate a lot of street food while I was there and I was wondering if you had a recipe for authentic Mexican style marinade? I can’t get enough of REAL mexican food.