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Hu Kitchen

I’ve already done a few different posts on Hu Kitchen, so any of you regular readers should be well-familiar with the name. These guys are excellent, and truly understand what “Food” is: it’s not just some caloric intake to stop our stomachs from grumbling, it’s carefully selected items of quality, which our bodies will use to fuel our lives! If we want a top-quality life, then by golly we need to have top quality food!!

My wife and I recently went back to Hu Kitchen, one of our favorites. In fact, we go often enough that I don’t report to you readers each time we drop by. Well, sometimes I’ll send a twitter update, but that’s about it. But when they do something extraordinary, I feel it is my responsibility to share. And what Hu Kitchen did this last time we visited them was something that really resonates with me, and is well in line with a few of my recent posts (notably: UPC’s rant about eggs). See the picture above where Hu Kitchen points out, on a chalk board outside the restaurant, one of the ways that the beef industry is trying to bamboozle consumers in to thinking grain and soy fed beef fit in to the consumers’ “healthy” food categories. I have mentioned the same thing about chickens: since they’re birds, and all birds need to eat live protein sources (does “The early bird gets the worm” ring any bells?) then an all-vegetarian fed chicken is not a healthy animal!

So, since Hu Kitchen gets it, and I really like them, I am sharing their excellent work with you all. When you’re in the Union Square area of NYC, definitely make some time to stop by Hu Kitchen for their wonderful food, excellent deserts, their ambiance, and most of all, to support a restaurant that really gets it!


And back to the food:

I ordered their rotisserie chicken (yes, it’s a pastured bird; thank you Hu Kitchen!!). There are a few different meal options at Hu Kitchen. There is a meal-menu, where the rotisserie chicken is always available, as well as another meat. After selecting the protein source, there are several really excellent sides to choose from. I chose the cauliflower and the grilled Brussels Sprouts. The meal, as usual, was excellent!

One of the most exciting things about Hu Kitchen is that you don’t have to worry about their food being Paleo or not. Nearly everything there is Paleo, they never cook with soy, and when there are grains in their food (they’re still a business, they need to attract non-Paleo customers until we grow our ranks more…) they have them clearly labeled. There’s never any confusion, and I’ve never walked away with that curious stomach feeling, letting me know that something in my meal was not Paleo. So feast there with confidence that your food will be to your standards!

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