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I hope you don’t mind that today’s post will have no recipe, and will only be peripherally related to food…The purpose of today’s post is to give you all an idea of what’s been going on in my life and head, an update on my training for the sub-5 mile, and a sneak peek in to what is coming up with me and for you.

And since I simply cannot have a blog post without a picture, I just thought I would share a picture I took while shopping at Whole Foods Market recently. I was SO excited to see some Vermont Smoke and Cure ham-steaks for sale! I’ve been really enjoying the Niman Ranch ham-steaks that I’ve been picking up; but there’s just no comparison with Vermont Smoke and Cure product – they’re SO GOOD!! Of course, it’s not a shopping trip without snagging some bacon; which is also Vermont Smoke and Cure, of course!
You can also see the frozen Organic Mixed Mushrooms that I buy and have been ranting and raving about recently. They’re delicious! And I highly recommend everyone get something like those to enjoy!
Finally, there’s the organic baby kale (we like the taste of the baby kale better than the “adult” kale), under that is a “Wild Arugula” which we enjoy a lot, as well as organic pluots (cross between apricot and plum), organic green grapes, and organic raspberries. And in the bag are some ripe plantains.

Recipe Book:

  • I have just begun work on pulling together all of the recipes and recipe-like content that I have developed here to put together a Recipe Book of my very own!
  • This is no small challenge! The upside, of course, is that I will discover which recipe areas I have concentrated on more these past 10 months, and you will start to see a lot more recipes which are a little more creative to fill in those gaps!

Weekly Workout Routine:

  • I’ve decided to move forward with a weekly workout routine, which I will make available as PDF for purchase. I haven’t settled on pricing yet, but this will be a relatively cheap product.
  • It is possible that this will expand in the future to individualized workouts; but to start with, I will only be providing a few different options for beginners, intermediate athletes, and well-trained athletes. My goal will be to provide “Outdoor Play” style weekly workout plans, where people can take advantage of the terrain around their homes, and do their workouts using natural movements and body-weight workouts.

Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List:

  • After quite a bit of thought on the matter, and some extensive discussions with my friends, family, and other people who have websites with products for sale, I have decided that I do have enough expertise to put together a meal plan on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as a shopping list.
  • Hopefully, organizing my thoughts in terms of a discrete shopping list for the week will be valuable in building some of the additional content that I’ll need to flesh out a recipe book, as mentioned above. But no matter the outcome, I’ll be putting something together; and like the Weekly Workout Routine, this will be available as a PDF for purchase.
  • As above, it is possible that I will eventually branch out and add in individualized plans, based on the food availability in certain regions (for example: I have a reader who has no access to Sweet Potatoes or Zucchini). For now, however, I will be putting these together as a one-size-fits-all product, with the assumption that most of you readers will have reasonable access to all of the same foods (or maybe better!!) that I have access to.

These are some huge undertakings for me. I will have to do some serious modifications on my site to support them, as well as spending all of my free time (like I had any to give up!) pulling together the materials needed to make these work. I will be addressing these in reverse order; that is, I will likely complete the meal plan and shopping list first, then the workout plan, and some time in the distant future, I will be ready with my recipe book.

I’m still working on that sub-5 minute mile, though that goal is looking more and more like one which I will have to carry forward to next year. I’m OK with that. I would have loved to make that sub-5 mile this year; but it’s OK to shoot for a goal and miss it – I’m still certain that I’ll be able to put together the performance of my life! As a reminder, last year’s mile was a 5:30. My best ever mile, in high school, was a 5:26. So my adult PR (personal record) is only 4 seconds slower than my life-time PR. And I am certain that I can blast through that number this year!
That being said: I am being realistic here in admitting that the sub-5 mile is most likely out of my reach this year. It’s important to be realistic with ourselves. And while I am going to continue to train hard (though nothing like the Olympic level athletes do!) and to shoot for that goal with everything that I can pull out of my hat, I am perfectly comfortable accepting the fact that I may not make it.

Leibster Award:
I know I’ve already got plenty of a long list above, but there’s just that one last item… I’ve recently been nominated for another Leibster Award. Since this is a “New Blogger” award, and I am definitely a relatively new blogger, I’ll be finishing that post up soon enough and posting it for you all to see. It may come as a somewhat of a surprise, but writing about food is actually quite a bit easier for me than answering personal questions… But I’ll get it done!

And that’s what’s going on with me!


  • Are you working on any big projects?
  • Don’t leave out important projects, like a dissertation, a huge work project, or a home improvement project. And kids, don’t forget the most ultimate of Do-It-Yourself projects of of them all! Kids definitely count as a project, and a BIG one!
  • Are there any projects that you’ve had in mind for a while, and you’re just getting ready to take it out and see if it’s finally the right time to get to it?
  • Are there any projects that you want to get to but you just don’t know how to get started? Let us know, maybe someone on here will catch your comment and pitch in!

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