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UPC’s Slow-Cooker Roast Vegetable-Stuffed Chicken

I was actually planning on sharing this post before Thanksgiving, in the hopes that it would give you all a potential stuffing option that you may not have considered. But, as any of you who check my Facebook page know, I had some serious technical difficulties the week leading up to Thanksgiving. Here is a rundown of the hoops I was jumping through:

  • My Domain expired.
    I’m sure that plenty of you noticed on Monday morning, 11/25, that all of a sudden my site had reverted to a much younger version of itself. Wouldn’t that be a cool trick to pull off in biology?
    Rather than sending me a helpful email ahead of time, warning me that there would be annoying consequences if I didn’t pay them some annoyingly small amount of money, the Domain Host merely turned it off. Needless to say, I was less than amused.
  • I changed Domain Hosts.
    So, since my Domain Host proved themselves unhelpful (who logs into their domain account regularly to make sure their renewal isn’t coming up soon? Set it and forget it!) I changed Domain Hosts. Yes, it was a direct cause and effect. I can’t be having some Host simply shut my service off without warning me ahead of time – that’s the definition of “Not Cool, Man!”
  • I tried upgrading my OS on my PC, and failed miserably!
    Yes, you read that correctly! I tried to move to the next-best-thing by upgrading my operating system. And it failed spectacularly. It took me no less than 5 days of muddling around in the dank recesses of text-based-code before I could get myself up and running again. I’m sure an expert would have been much faster!

They say bad luck comes in threes, right? Well, there were definitely three major tech glitches that kept me from posting anything at all last week, except the one post I had scheduled many days in advance. The technology side of my life was at an almost complete standstill!
Fortunately, I still have food!! Today’s post will help you all have your own version of my recipes too!

UPC’s Slow-Cooker Roast Vegetable-Stuffed Chicken; What you’ll need:

  • 1 adult Organic Chicken (sometimes called a “Broiler Hen”)
  • Colorful Veggies, sliced long and thin
    • Carrots (multicolored if you have them)
    • Parsnips
    • Zucchini
    • Sweet Potato (this can be over-used a bit!)
    • Optional:
    • Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Hot, Cubanelle, etc)
    • Onions (Red is best! Also Vidalia)
    • Portobello Mushrooms, or other mushrooms
  • Fresh Herbs:
    • Basil (on the stalk)
    • Lemongrass (sliced long and thin)
    • Garlic (whole cloves)
    • Ginger (sliced thin)
  • Spices: Sea Salt, Pepper
  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil

Serves: 2-6 (if 2, plenty of leftovers!)
Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 6+ hours


1. Get everything ready:

  • Slice up all of the vegetables that you will be using and set them on an easy-to-grab plate.
  • Get the coconut oil ready on another small plate (you may want to warm it up to liquify it).
  • Get the crock-pot or other slow-cooker ready (I’m using a Ninja!).
  • Prepare and set aside the garlic, ginger, salt and pepper.
  • Put a couple of whole carrots in the bottom of the slow-cooker.
  • Get a large plate ready for resting the chicken on while you’re stuffing it.

2. Wash the skin and inside of the chicken thoroughly.

3. Rub the chicken skin all over with the coconut oil.

4. Place the chicken on the plate you prepared, and start to stuff the sliced vegetables inside.

  • To the best of your ability, try to fully mix the veggies up!
  • Add all of the lemongrass and basil early in the process – as these will be much more difficult to stuff in once the chicken is more full.
  • Stuff the chicken completely to bursting, wedging every last veggie you can inside there!


5. Place the chicken in the slow-cooker (orientation is no important) making sure that the few carrots at the bottom haven’t moved out of the way.
Note: now go wash your hands again!

6. Lightly salt and pepper the chicken on the outside.

7. Carefully place the ginger slices on the skin of the chicken.

8. Add the remaining vegetables over the top of the chicken, and down the sides as much as possible.


9. Carefully place the garlic cloves in the cracks between the vegetables, making sure the garlic is in contact with the skin of the chicken when possible.

10. Set the slow-cooker to it’s lowest cooking setting, and leave it alone until dinner time! Then serve, and enjoy!


No questions today, just some parting thoughts.

This chicken came out amazing. I will definitely be doing this again, perhaps often! The vegetables inside added just the right level of flavor to the chicken without being overpowering. This could easily be combined with any number of side dishes, or eaten with just the vegetables used for stuffing! As a note: there is not enough stuffing for more than about 4 people to eat as a main dish – you’ll want to make a side or two for a large dinner party.

I used the leftovers for several different meals: I made a Paleo Chicken Salad, which was amazing! The vegetable stuffing flavors even came through with the coconut cream I used instead of mayo. I also used it with a regular green salad, which was just as good! And I added some almond meal, some spices, and made a quick Croquette with it, which was filling and delightful.

Happy stuffing everyone! Please feel free to share your stories of turkey, Thanksgiving, chicken, or anything else that might be fun for me/us to gab about!

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