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UPC’s Mushroom Bun Sliders

A special combination of truly exceptional hand-made sliders and the Mushroom Bun that I’ve become so fond of, the Mushroom Bun Sliders are sure to be a hit in any party!
These have been percolating on my mind for weeks – and it was time to get them out. This is a dinner-party treat that will delight any mushroom-appreciating guest you can dig up! Obviously, these could be made with all sorts of fillers: grilled vegetables, chicken burgers… But making them with little beef burgers (Slider Style) was just about as close to perfection in a bite-sized treat as I could imagine!

Today it’s snowing like crazy! Looking out the window is exciting right now because visibility is limited to about 200 feet! Past that there are vague mostly colorless shapes. For walking, this is perfectly fine. 200 feet of visibility is far more than I need to be able to see to survive that pothole I just had to step over. For driving, that’s a completely different story. This is the kind of weather that reminds me that we human-animals were simply not designed for our modern living conditions. You see, growing up in Vermont, I have a healthy respect for snow on roads. I know how to handle it, as do most Vermonters, and like most Vermonters, I would do what I can to avoid driving in snow. It’s the prudent course of action. But that “instinct” is not genetic; it’s not the result of hundreds of generations of selective evolution. That’s a trained instinct, the result of careful instruction by my parents and community while I was beginning to involve those conditions into my conscious environmental experience.

By comparison, all humans can be easily startled by sudden loud noises. This is an instinct that is entirely genetic, and obviously the result of selective evolution: the people who are more wary in unfamiliar settings survive better. Makes sense, right? The same can be said of snakes: so many people are afraid of snakes and other “creepy crawly things” that it’s almost comical! Cars are extremely dangerous, yet not part of our evolutionary genetic experience. We don’t consider cars with the same level of respect as we do with the rattling of a rattle-snake’s tail.

Anyway, that’s a little window into the thoughts that weather like this brings. I love to consider the implications of our life within specific environments. Environments like a white-out snow storm are a great example.

And, of course, I want to go skiing!!!

UPC’s Mushroom Bun Sliders; What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb ground Grass-Fed Beef
  • 12-15 large White Button Mushrooms (Crimini will work nicely as well)
  • 1 cup Chives, chopped
  • 4+ Garlic Cloves, diced
  • Spices: Sea Salt, Pepper, Turmeric
  • 2-3 Organic Roma Tomatoes, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • Optional Burger Toppings: Avocado (as a sauce, or sliced), Mayo (home-made Paleo mayo, of course!), Mustard, Caramelized Onions, Caramelized Peppers (red/yellow), Bacon

Serves: 4-8+ (or two, depending on how willing you are to share…)
Prep and Cook Time: 45 minutes

1. Pre-heat the oven to 320 Fahrenheit.


2. Mix the Burgers:

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the beef, chives, garlic, and spices.
  • Thoroughly mix the beef up
    Note: I do this bare-handed. Make sure you have someone to help you if you’re going to do this bare-handed.

3. Shape the mixed burger into small burger-shaped sliders.


4. Place these burger-shape sliders onto an oiled baking sheet.

5. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

6. While the burgers are baking, cut the mushrooms in half, the wide way, and then trim the stem off the bottom half of the mushroom so that it lies flat.


7. After 20 minutes of baking time, take the burger sliders out of the oven.

8. Using tongs, carefully place each slider onto a bottom-half mushroom, so that the now-trimmed mushroom stem is underneath the burger.


Optional: Assemble sliders and continue baking.

9. Place the top of the mushroom on the top of the burger, and put these back into the oven to bake for another 20 minutes, still at 350.
Note: If you’re going to continue baking, do not assemble the slider with any of the vegetables until after the second baking is completed.
Now serve and enjoy!



There are two delightful ways to serve this dish. You can serve it with the mushrooms chilled and raw. This has a very fresh, crisp flavor which is surprising and delightful! The flavor and texture of the mushroom does not detract from the enjoyment of the Mushroom Bun Sliders in any way, but it is a distinctly unique experience, and definitely worth trying! Alternately, you can assemble the burger sliders and continue to bake them for another 20 minutes. The result will be a heady aromatic slider, filled with the essence of burger, and rich and delicious in a way that I just can’t describe effectively with words! As I said before, both of these ways of serving the slider are delicious and delightful; and you’ll simply have to try each to decide which way suits you best!


Only one question today: Should I continue to ask you questions? I’ve had a bit of response from my questions, but only a bit. Tell me if you’re going to be interested in responding to the questions, or if I should just encourage comments directly on the post and/or recipe?

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