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UPC’s Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime Detox Drink Recipe

Detox drinks and juicing are all the rage these days, with special ones being made of various fruit juices, juiced vegetables, and teas (including one I saw online that was both tea and a juiced vegetable). Honestly, I don’t get it. I’m all about eating healthy fruits and vegetables! But when I eat a fruit or vegetable, I really want to eat that fruit or vegetable. The idea of juicing is mostly lost on me; it simply has no appeal. I’ll either eat a vegetable, or not – I’m not going to drink it… And obviously I enjoy the occasional fruit juice. An orange juice when I’m eating out for breakfast. I’d rather a fresh-squeezed orange juice than tap water. There’s something about a spiced apple cider is as a GREAT treat on an occasional chilly day in the fall.

Ultimately, I don’t mind the idea of juicing. It works for some people, and that’s great!

Detox drinks, on the other hand – those I understand. There are some really amazing health-improving properties that some fruits and vegetables that I definitely can see the appeal in having them in a concentrated form on occasion. If you feel something coming on, it’s a great idea to have some special tea or some such to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. Similarly, if you’ve had a seriously hard workout, maybe leveraging one of the super-antioxidants would be a great thing to take in in a concentrated form!

So, in the spirit of a purposeful detox drink, here’s one of the detox drinks that I use on occasion.

UPC’s Morning Honey Lime Detox Drink; What you’ll need:

Morning Detox Drink Recipes - Honey Lime
The Honey Lime Detox Drink Recipe is a great way to ease your liver into a new day; the lime is fantastic for the liver, and the raw honey is very healthy!
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 2
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Hot water
  • 1 tablespoon raw, unfiltered honey
  • ½ Large Organic Lime, squeezed (with pulp, if possible)
  • Optional: Sea Salt, Ginger
  1. Heat the water, and add it to the cup.
  2. Cut the lime in half (use 2 halves if small limes), and squeeze as much of the juice into the cup as possible.
  3. Once you've squeezed all of the juice out of the lime, there will be pulp sticking off the lime. Carefully slice that pulp off the lime and into the cup (this requires a fairly sharp knife).
  4. Add the honey, stir thoroughly, and serve and enjoy!
I really enjoy the extra little pulp that I can cut off the lime after squeezing; but if you don't like the pulp, that step (#3) can be skipped.


How I use this:

This Morning Honey Lime Detox is a great way to start a cold fall or winter day when you’ve had a lot of stress, and you need something to help you calm the nerves. Also, if you’re feeling a “little something” of a cold creeping up, especially if you’ve had a stressful week, this is an excellent way to take a moment and allow your body to absorb some top quality vitamin C!

Keep your eyes peeled for my other occasional detox drinks, and what I use them for!

  • What detox drinks do you drink?
  • Do you have any special mixes that just work for you?
  • Do you juice your vegetables? Which vegetables are your favorite juiced veggies?



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7 thoughts on “Morning Detox Drink Recipes – Honey Lime

  • Hari Qhuang

    Hi! 😀
    I got 2 questions about this detox drink.

    Can I make it and then refrigerate it so that I can drink it cold? (Indonesia is pretty hot most of the time. L-O-L!
    (I once read an article saying that consuming cold food can slow down the metabolism. Please, please tell me that it is a myth!)

    Do you think that lime would work just the same? Lemon is not always available here. Instead, we got tons of lime! 😀

    • urbanpaleochef Post author

      Hi Hari!
      Yes, lemon and lime are almost completely interchangeable. Use either, as they’re available! I actually prefer Lime over lemon – but my wife prefers lemon.

      Cold: I don’t know the answer, but I imagine that’s true, unfortunately. Our bodies are quite finicky with intake – my guess is that when consuming cold food, digestion doesn’t start until it’s had a chance to warm up a bit first. And since we don’t have a direct thermoregulator in our stomach, that means that it has to happen slowly…
      But, yes, I think this would still be effective as a cold drink. I don’t see any reason to think otherwise!

  • Forrest Beck

    Had this the other day and then recommended it to employees here in the UAE. Thanks for the reminder to use this. Sometimes we forget the basics.