5 Second Date Meals

How many times have I been in the “What do I do for a Second Date?” conversation?? I offer suggestions as to which restaurants to go to (if they’re local), how to dress (if it’s a guy), and what they should definitely not do. Hint: movie night, it’s not a high percentage second date. But my favorite request is when it’s a friend asking for cooking advice (that is something that I actually do know about). It usually sounds something like this:

I really like this [guy/girl] and I want to make a strong impression. I’m planning on putting together a meal for [him/her] and I want your advice on what to make.

I then go through the exciting and interesting job of piecing together enough information from the bits and pieces of what they know about their date so that I can come up with a great meal. It’s as much fun for me as it is for them! At the end of a fairly long conversation, I come up with a couple of meal options, and work with my friend to figure out which meal is best suited to their cooking ability.

Here is my top 5 list of the best Second Date Meals I’ve been able to recommend.

Note: Each of the lines below is a recipe link. Click the links to get to the recipe for each piece of the meal.


Burger Lover’s Bliss


Appetizer: Basil Bacon and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Mushrooms

Entrée: Hand-Made Burgers with Portobello Mushroom Buns

Salad: Sweet Citrus Salad

Dessert: Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies


Tailor Made for the White Wine Drinker

Persimmon Chicken Soup Cup

Appetizer: Persimmon Chicken Soup Cups

Entrée: Lemongrass Shrimp

Side: Sliced Veggies with a Cilantro Sauce

Dessert: Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding


For the Fun-Loving Finger-Food Date

Chicken Salad Stuffed Mushrooms

Appetizer: Walnut Caramelized Orange Peel Stuffed Persimmons

Entrée: Chicken Salad Stuffed Mushrooms

Side: Caramelized Orange Peel Zucchini Boats

Dessert: Chocolate Apricot Dessert Bar


Bacon Lover’s Bounty

Baked Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Appetizer: Baked Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Entrée: Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Side: Twisted Green Salad

Dessert: Chocolate Coconut Heaven Butter over Berries


A Light Touch of Sweet and Savory

Yuca Fries with Green Olive Tapenade

Appetizer: Yuca Fries with Green Olive Tapenade

Entrée: Chicken Croquette Patties on a Baked Sweet Potato Bun

Side: Baked Rosemary Butternut Squash

Dessert: Ginger Sweet Potato Puffs


My part is done! The meals are setup, planned, and Ready to Rock! If you’re inspired to play with your masterpiece, experiment by combining them in a way that is more suited to your style. The rest is up to you…

Go get ’em tiger!

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