Ingredients of the Paleo Pantry

Baked Maduros – A Sweet Treat! 15

Also known as Platanos or Sweet Plantains, this exceptional treat comes to us from the Latin traditions. While there are plenty of foods that I am eternally grateful for, Maduros is definitely high on the list! They’re delicious, easy to work with, not terribly expensive, and high in fiber so […]

Latest Guest Post Here! And It’s About BACON!!

Hey all – This will just be a quick little note to you to let you know that my latest guest post has been submitted, and it’s work I am really proud of! I was asked to write an article on how to find, evaluate, and eat bacon in a […]

Avocado 5

Avocado I just looked it up, and learned that the Avocado fruit is classified botanically as a large berry. I always knew I loved berries!! Today’s Paleo Pantry post is all about the Avocado, what I do with it, and how I utilize the amazing taste and properties of the […]

Cut Lime

Using Citrus

Using Citrus: Citrus fruits are amazing fruits! They have an extremely powerful flavor and scent, which can be used in an uncountable number of ways. There are whole books devoted solely to the use of citrus in cooking. In fact, a quick search on amazon brings up 302 books in […]