What’s For Lunch? Pulled Pork and Avocado Salad

UPC’s Pulled Pork I really enjoy pulled pork. I like the beef and chicken versions of the dish too: Shredded Beef, and Jerk Chicken (as well as all of the other names for those dishes). It’s flavorful, easy to eat, and easy to re-use as a portion of another dish! […]

What’s For Lunch? Smoked Keilbasa Stir Fry

The heat is seriously on here in NYC. It beat down on the streets yesterday, bringing the temperature near 100 degrees. And it looks like it will be a repeat performance for today. The upside to that: it’s great training weather at peak-heat for Triathlon and other race enthusiasts. The […]

What’s For Breakfast? Mushroom And Tomato Omelet with Bacon

UPC’s Mushroom And Tomato Omelet with Vermont Smoke And Cure Bacon! I know that some of you have been enjoying my Diet And Workout posts, where I am sharing with you everything I am doing to reach my goals this summer. They’re tough goals, and I am really excited by […]

What’s For Lunch? Return of the Hot & Cold Salad!

UPC’s Hot & Cold Salad: Can a winter favorite become a summer favorite too? Yesterday was a long day for me. I got up early and went to the local track for a hard workout with a bunch of my friends. And as if that workout wasn’t challenging enough on […]

Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon – A “The Bacon Project” Post 8

Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon The packaging is impressive, and definitely carries with it a “Rustic” feel. At least, it does to me. It intrigued me, and I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks. So I finally took the plunge, so to speak, and picked up one package […]

What’s For Breakfast? Hot & Cold Salad – Scrambled Eggs

I don’t know what it is about eggs, but I’ve been on a huge kick with them over the past week or so. Maybe it’s the increased training I’ve been doing in pursuit of my training goals? If so, then it would make sense that my body would be asking […]

What’s For Dinner? Bacon and Scallops

Bacon Scallops with Avocado Reminder: I am a published Chef now! Find the e-book, with tons of great recipes from many of the best Paleo chefs out there including me, here. Walking from the ferry to work this morning, I was the only person I saw wearing a suit, or […]

What’s For Dinner? Pork Chops with Caramelized Onions and Mango

I had a slow morning this morning, and a slow day all day. Everything about it was slow. The weather was stunningly beautiful, and because it’s that sunny day between two major rain storms, people around me seemed to be more interested in enjoying the weather than anything else. And […]

What’s For Breakfast? Slab Bacon and Eggs!

This Vermont Smoke And Cure slab bacon is so good I just can’t keep my paws off of it! There’s just something special about how this stuff is put together, and I can’t get enough! I had a slab of it sitting in the fridge since Tuesday night, and it’s […]

Cartagena Local Restaurants – Demente

One of the most exciting things that my wife and I do, anywhere, is to find the highlights of a location. We do that here in NYC to the extent that we are able. We have a list of the best places to go for a burger (it’s a short […]