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StirFriedVeggiesIngredientsThis will be the headquarters for all of my recipe posts. I will have a collection of Urbanpaleochef originals, classic recipes made paleo, as well as some suggestions on how to combine some of the Urbanpaleochef recipes for a gourmet meal which will delight everyone!

As clarification: a recipe post is not just my standard daily post about a meal, why I like it, why I made it that way, etc. A recipe post is a detailed catalog of the recipe, including a list of ingredients, pictures of the ingredients, and a detailed catalog of the steps taken along the way. Of course, a recipe post will still include all of the personal thoughts and choices, the very stuff you come here for! I will simply organize them in such a way as to support the recipe, in the same way as my choice of vegetables are often based on supporting the thematic flavor of a meal.

PaleoPowerBarFor meal ideas take a look at my What’s For Dinner page! There will be some great pairing ideas with the recipes that I’ve already posted, as well as more limited recipe style posts with what I’ll be making for dinner that night: you’ll all know as soon as I do!

As yet, I have only had time to put together a handful of different recipes, so bear with me as I continue to update my recipe database. They are all amazing and should definitely be tried!

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  • Gary

    Urban legend? Yankee Magazine did this survey: “What is a Yankee?” People from outsied the US said: “people from the US”; people from the US said: “Northerners”; Northerners: “Northern New Englanders”; Northern New Englanders: “people who eat apple pie with cheese for breakfast with a knife”
    Yankee Egg Strada, not quite paleo
    2 large onions (the size of a baseball)
    4 crisp apples
    1 lemon
    1 lb bacon
    2 small zucchini
    12 eggs
    1/4c brown sugar or cristalized maple sugar if you’re keeping this all for yourself
    1tsp cinnamon
    1tsp nutmeg
    Cut the bacon 3/4″ and fry it slowly, covered
    Slice the onions thin and carmalize them at low heat until they are translucent and starting to brown (don’t slice your finger with the incredibly sharp knife your diamond-hone wizard son sharpened at Christmas time)
    Grate the zucchini, sprinkle salt lightly, and lay it out to dry on an old brown bag
    Warm some Coconut oil and pour 1/16″ in a baking dish. Let it cool so the Coconut oil is solidified when it comes time to put in the ingredients. This will expand 50% in cooking like a soufle, so use a deep enough pan to keep all these ingredients from overflowing or sticking to the aluminum foil.
    Pre-heat the oven to 350
    Quarter and core the apples. Slice them thinly, put them in a bowl twice the volume of the apples.
    Peel, clean, and slice very thinly the lemon. Put the sliced lemon and the juice in the bowl with the apples.
    Add the brown sugar and spices. Frisk the apples so there’s sugar between every slice. Do this with your fingers so you don’t unnecessarily break the silces of apple.
    Pat the Zucchine to remove the moisture that the salt brought to the surface
    Whisk the eggs to incorporate as much air as your whisking arm can stand
    Pour a thin layer of egg into the baking dish
    Lay out apple slices more-or-less 1 layer thick
    Spread a thin layer of onion on the apples
    Spread a thin layer of zucchini on the onion
    Spread a thin layer of bacon on the zucchini
    Grate some Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese over the whole thing, or just on half if serving a mixed group
    Repeat the layering, two layers if using a wide baking pan, three layers if it is deep. finish up with some egg on the surface and grated cheese showing, particularly if you cheesed only half so the eaters can know what they are serving themselves
    Bake covered for 1/2H per inch of depth, uncover for the last 10 minutes to dry and brown the top
    This is most impresive right out of the oven, but I am making it today for a breakfast meeting, and it will still be a show-stopper!

    • urbanpaleochef Post author

      Holy crap! I can’t believe I don’t have a beef stew recipe up here!! Well, I’m going to have to rectify that immediately!!!
      I have one of my older recipes which was inspired by some beef stew picture I found on the internet. You can find it here:
      The recipe is pretty on-point (it is my recipe, even if it’s inspired by someone else’s photo). I’ll make that soon, and put up a proper recipe post for it! 🙂
      That one done, I’ll start really playing around!

  • BT

    Coconut crumbed lambs brains and leeks..
    Liver bacon and onion
    Heart.. pretty much any way you like

    Paleo is not just the pretty but must include a good proportion of the edges , bits and pieces which are not in fashion at the moment.. Lets acknowledge the nose to tail nature of primal living and see some recipes..

    Beef tendon soup
    Bone Broth
    Pigs trotter
    Sweet breads
    Chicken Feet
    Beef cheeks
    Chicken livers
    Blood pudding

    Mouth watering eh

    • urbanpaleochef Post author

      I agree BT. Not only do I agree, I do it. I’ve got a few Bone Soup recipes up already. And hopefully sometime soon I will actually manage to make a meal with liver look appetizing – though I haven’t managed yet. That’s the real challenge for me – making it look good.
      And let’s not forget: eating organ meat is not just about “Staying Paleo” it’s about staying healthy. These foods have a tremendous amount of important nutrients, and our ancestors knew that. It’s a shame that we’ve forgotten it in modern times, but I do thank the health-minded community that is driving Paleo forward for helping me to learn this!