Just Because Flowers 21

Just Because Flowers It’s funny how fragile the balance of things really can be. My commute into the city is typically easy, quick, and very comfortable. I take the ferry across the river every morning, and that ferry ride used to be the most comfortable and convenient way to travel. […]

Fresh Ingredients – and a Colombia Salad Bar

Fresh Ingredients In Colombia I noticed that some of the ingredients were as fresh as I could ask for! They tasted like they were organic, they may have even came out of the garden only hours before being served. It’s amazing how fresh and full of flavor those fruits and […]

Keeping In Touch (Part 1) 2

Keeping In Touch (Part 1) First off: No recipe today. I know, it’s a little bit out of character, right? That’s ok, I don’t want you all to think that I’m a full-time recipe designer. I would LOVE to do that full-time! But I have a full-time job, and this […]

It’s Award Day! WordPress Family Award

This is a fantastic new award, and I’m very impressed by the premise! I couldn’t be more pleased with the idea behind the WordPress Family Award, since I feel much the same feelings about the WordPress community as the creator of this award felt when he created it. Of course, […]

How Do You Fuel The Fire?

I was asked a really interesting question the other day while working out with a friend. See, in our workout-chatting, he asked me about my workouts for the past several days, and marveled at my claim to have had 3 workouts within 24 hours, and still able to put together […]

Don’t Just Stand There, Run!

Don’t Just Stand There, Run! I must look really funny in the mornings. Well, funny in the context of what everyone else is doing. I put on my shoes (one of the top volleyball shoes I can claim), play Volleyball, come back to my apartment, make breakfast and lunch for […]

Have We Lost Our “Grit”?

I actually had a different post in mind for today when I finished it up last night. But I was consumed by the question posed in this post’s title: “Have we lost our grit?” I will have to get around to telling you all about my ski weekend tomorrow. Today […]