eating out

Restaurant Review: Saigon Cafe, Jersey City, NJ Eating out is always an interesting scenario. I know, intellectually, that I can eat a salad almost anywhere. Obviously, there are places that I choose to shy away from intentionally… But for the most part, finding a decent place to eat out, at this point in my diet, is […]

Hu Kitchen Gets It!

Hu Kitchen I’ve already done a few different posts on Hu Kitchen, so any of you regular readers should be well-familiar with the name. These guys are excellent, and truly understand what “Food” is: it’s not just some caloric intake to stop our stomachs from grumbling, it’s carefully selected items […]

Restaurant Review: Nook, NYC

UPC’s Restaurant Review: Nook, NYC Nook used to be one of my favorite places to go eat before switching to Paleo. As can be expected, my dietary needs have changed my review criteria for restaurants, and as a result, I’ve been less inclined to head to my old haunts. Of […]

Restaurant Review: Plan B Burger, Milford, Connecticut

It is delightful to see more and more restaurants start to offer Paleo-friendly food options! I’ve talked about how to “build your own” Paleo meals in a restaurant before. Perhaps one of these days I will actually sit down and write up a little “Paleo Restaurant Guide” for you all […]

Date Night: Dinner Out With My Wife 7

A Paleo Night Out with Urban Paleo Chef: I know, I know, you’re all used to seeing me with my red shirt. Well, the truth is that, as much as I love that red shirt, it’s the exception and not the rule. I spend most of my days in a […]

Cartagena Local Restaurants – Demente

One of the most exciting things that my wife and I do, anywhere, is to find the highlights of a location. We do that here in NYC to the extent that we are able. We have a list of the best places to go for a burger (it’s a short […]

Eating Out In D.C. 2

My wife and I absolutely love to travel. So far this year we’ve been to Cancun and Washington D.C. twice. In addition to our trip together, I took a ski trip to Vermont. As much as we love to travel, see new things, meet new people, and experience different cultures […]

Even Chefs Take Vacations

I’m in Cancun, Mexico, for a short but hopefully very sweet little vacation. My wife and I caught the good side of a great deal, and took off to paradise for the weekend, enjoying some sun, sand, and someone else’s cooking. Wait, what’s that? Someone else’s cooking? That’s right! I […]