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Fresh Ingredients – and a Colombia Salad Bar

Fresh Ingredients In Colombia I noticed that some of the ingredients were as fresh as I could ask for! They tasted like they were organic, they may have even came out of the garden only hours before being served. It’s amazing how fresh and full of flavor those fruits and […]

Guest Post – Paleo Diet for Arthritis 2

  I am excited to introduce the first in what may be a series on Arthritis, and how the following various Ancestral Health eating proscriptions may be able to benefit people who suffer from Arthritis. This article is more of an introductory to the topic, and if there is enough […]

This is scary stuff. Big Food wants to label GMOs as “Natural”. 6

“We Interrupted Your Regularly Scheduled Programming For This Message:” I’ve always been amused by that line, and now here I am using it myself. I had something planned for my post today, and you’ll all be able to come back here and enjoy it tomorrow. For today, however, we’re going […]

UPC’s Travel Food Recommendations 5

Travel Food, by UPC Travel food can be a serious challenge for us Paleo eaters. As opposed to what a Jewish friend of mine recently said: “I can eat salad anywhere.” we Paleo eaters can’t, actually, dive into a salad just anywhere. There are the major concerns of food on […]

Hormel Natural Choice – Original Uncured Bacon 2

Hormel Natural Choice – Original Uncured Bacon I’m constantly on the prowl for the next addition to my The Bacon Project. I’m worried that I’m going to start running out of new brands to review and report on here. Does that mean that you’re all being too slow in purchasing […]

BioHack Your Humidifier! Chamomile Tea Mist 6

UPC’s “BioHack Your Humidifier”: with Chamomile Tea Mist I hope you all enjoy the occasional break from my recipe development and sharing! Some of my more popular non-recipe posts have included my Race posts: The 5th Avenue Mile, and the Percy Sutton Harlem 5K. Let’s not forget, of course, The […]

Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon – A “The Bacon Project” Post 8

Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon The packaging is impressive, and definitely carries with it a “Rustic” feel. At least, it does to me. It intrigued me, and I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks. So I finally took the plunge, so to speak, and picked up one package […]

Vermont Smoke And Cure Slab Bacon – A “The Bacon Project” Post

Have you ever tried a slab bacon? They’re not easy to find on the grocery store shelves. In fact, without ordering slab bacon, or asking for it from the farmers directly, I think I’ve probably only seen 3-4 different brands of slab bacon commercially available ever. My guess is that […]

Liebster Award – Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

So I had every intention of sitting down this weekend and working my butt off to create a new “Liebster Award” picture to use on my blog. I was hoping that I would be able to spell it out in peppers, tomatoes, bacon, and spices. Or, you know, some sort […]

How Do You Fuel The Fire?

I was asked a really interesting question the other day while working out with a friend. See, in our workout-chatting, he asked me about my workouts for the past several days, and marveled at my claim to have had 3 workouts within 24 hours, and still able to put together […]