What’s For Lunch? Cooked Ham and Rutabaga Chips Bento Box

UPC‘s Cooked Ham and Rutabaga Chips Bento Box First, a bit of news: One of the news pieces that I enjoyed and shared over Twitter (I think I may have found it on Twitter too – so it might be a retweet) was featured, for good reason, in the Health […]

What’s For Lunch? Bacon, Ham, and Olive Salad

UPC’s Bacon, Ham, and Olive Salad I had an awesome weekend! I’m not going to write an entire post on what I did this weekend (I’m saving that for my 1-mile race, coming up), but I am definitely going to share. The highlight of my weekend was a “Super Spartan” […]

What’s For Lunch? – Hawaiian Salad: Ham And Pineapple

So yesterday I was worried that it would be the heat, and my sweat, that would put undue wrinkles in my suit. I have to say: a full-on down pour turns out to be just as effective, if not more so, than me running to the ferry. And it stops […]

Avocado Dressing, And Another “What’s For Breakfast?” Salad

Two interesting topics this morning: First, I’ve recently been told that it’s not healthy to eat eggs every day for breakfast. While I completely disagree with the statement, and think that that person should do a lot more research before challenging me on my dietary preferences… I also would like […]

Hot And Cold Salad – Breakfast Style

I’ve put up a few Hot & Cold Salad posts. I indicated in the first one that they would likely become a major staple in my household. In the second post, I confirmed that they had indeed become an instant hit! But that doesn’t fully qualify the truth. In fact, […]

Holiday Meal Planning

First: a thank you to Truecouponing.com for the above photo. It’s a great example for today’s post! Take the above photo as the “stereotypical” holiday meal. Unless you’re a truly gourmet chef, with staff, who can hope to put together a meal that looks like that, while still managing to […]


So how many of you tried the Breakfast for Dinner “What’s For Dinner?” post last night? If you didn’t get a chance, you should definitely try it as soon as possible! The recipe on the post serves about 4, and since it’s just me and my wife eating here, there […]

Breakfast Salad With A Twist – Simple Ingredients Can Be Delicious

So, looking for “just the perfect Paleo meal” to brighten this morning’s fog and rain: I was searching through my urban Paleo food stash, trying to decide how to bring the sunshine in a bit. I’ve been somewhat focused on the “Smokey” flavor of late, which has been great. We’ve […]

Smokey Salad – The Ham Way

So I enjoyed yesterday’s Smokey Salad so much that I decided to put together another variation of that today for my lunch. I used the same basic idea, but worked with some slightly different ingredients, looking for a similar effect, but with a very different combination of flavors. I started with the […]

Apple Ham Salad – A Thanksgiving Throwback

Mmm… My palate inspiration from yesterday carried forward. And it worked beautifully. Today I started the day with an Apple Ham salad, where Apple was the star of the show, and really shined. I’m not sure if you have noticed yet, but I work hard to blend ingredients in a […]